Mondrian Exhibitions and Catalogues

Every exhibition produces a catalogue and there are a lot of these in circulation. Initially, I bought them through eBay, but I am now trawling Alibris and Abebooks. The gallery images enlarge upon clicking, but not by much: I'll rescan those in due course.

(Oct 2002) I'm now extending this page to cover all the PM exhibitions I can find. There's a niche in the market here - I don't suppose I'll ever write the definitive book on PM exhibitions, but I'll aim for a good online resource. There is a comprehensive listing in the Catalogue, ending in 1993, but that is rather dry and unenthusiastic. I am experimenting with "virtual exhibitions", creating galleries of the works in particular exhibits. The virtual exhibitions are proving very time consuming - the gallery function in FrontPage is rather flaky and I am looking for another solution.

(Sep 2010) I am rewriting all of the web site and it is time for this page to be done so that I can cross-reference to it. No solution yet for the exhibition pages, but I haven't been looking lately.

Mondrian and Colour

A 2014 exhibition at the Turner Contemporary, Margate explored PM's development throughout his career. The exhibition had previously shown in Hamburg. The catalogue is well illustrated, but only available in German.

Details and gallery here.

2012 at the Courtauld Gallery, London. Small but perfectly formed.

Details and gallery here.
L'armonia perfetta

The 2012 exhibition at the Complesso del Vittoriano , Rome showed a great range of work of all PM's periods with important examples from his associates. The catalogue has unusually large illustrations.
Mondrian / De Stijl

A wonderful exhibition showing many of PM's later works at the Pompidou Centre from 1st December 2010 to 21st March 2011

The catalogue (which, understandably, is in French) has filled some of the remaining gaps in The Pictures.
Mondrian de 1892 á 1914 Les chemins de l'abstraction

This exhibition was at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris from 25th March to 14th July, then the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas from 18th August to 8th December 2002.

It is a great show of more than 100 works leading up to the Compositions. I will try to set it up as a virtual exhibition when time allows [I wrote in 2002, see above].
Christie's, The Lindenboom Collection of early works by Piet Mondrian, 1999

The catalogue of the sale. 27pp, 4 excellent colour illustrations plus B&W
Piet Mondrian 1872-1944
Haags Gemeentemuseum, Dec 94 - Apr 95
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Jun 95 - Sep 95
Museum of Modern Art, New York, Oct 95 - Jan 96

This must have been the most extensive Mondrian exhibition to date. I do not have the exhibition catalogue and it was held after the Catalogue Raisonné was published, but I do have the book published in association with the exhibition (see right). Judging from that, it looks as though 186 works were on show.

A fine chap (though no great fan of Mondrian), called John Haber publishes online reviews of exhibitions in and around New York. Click here for his review of this show.
Mondrian in New York
Galerie Tokoro, Tokyo, 1993

127 pages, many colour illustrations. Articles from Herbert Henkels, Christian Derouet (in French) and Harry Holtzman.

This is a great document. There were some Mondrian pictures in the exhibition but, more importantly, there were many Mondrian artifacts, such as his easel, palettes and brushes, his furniture and his record collection and the Wall Works - reconstructions of the coloured cardboard rectangles he spent so much care rearranging on his white walls. I will put more of the contents on show later [still waiting in 2010, but it will be done].

$25 in Abebooks.
Mondrian Acquisitions 1979-1988
Haags Gemeentemuseum 1988

64 large pages, 42 illustrations, in colour where appropriate.
Mondrian in the Sidney Janis Family Collections, New York
Haags Gemeentemuseum 1988

64 large pages, 67 illustrations, in colour where appropriate. Another excellent publication in the same format as the entry above.
Sidney Janis, 1988

32pp, 31 illustrations, 6 in colour
Sidney Janis, 1980

24pp, 31 illustrations, 1 in colour
Mondrian, The Diamond Compositions
National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1979

Although issued in conjunction with the exhibition, this is a book in its own right, giving a detailed analysis of the diamond paintings. Well worth a read.
110 pages, 76 illustrations including 7 in colour.
National Gallery of Canada, Bulletin 29 / 1977

This is probably my favourite, issued to celebrate the gallery's acquisition of Composition 12 with Small Blue Square (B309).

It contains an extensive and fascinating article by Robert Welsh, The Place of Composition 12 with Small Blue Square in the Art of Piet Mondrian. He suggests that this work sits squarely between the classical compositions and the later works such as the New Yorks and the Boogie Woogies.

32pp, 19 B&W illustrations plus a colour plate of the picture itself.
Post-Mondrian Abstraction in America
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1973

Only two Mondrian works shown, but many interesting pieces, including the Holtzman sculpture, right.

32 pp, 25 illustrations including 4 in colour
pic pic
Piet Mondrian Centennial Exhibition
Guggenheim Foundation, 1971

One of the more substantial catalogues, well worth acquiring and including articles by Welsh, Joosten and others.

223 pp, 132 illustrations of which about 30 are in colour
Mondrian: The Process Works
Pace Gallery, New York 11th April - 16th May 1970
Los Angeles County Museum 14th July - 30th August 1970

64 pp. Many b&w illustrations and photographs, 1 tipped-in plate.

2 articles by Harry Holtzman on Mondrian's methods and his environment plus Mondrian's article Home - Street - City, 1926

Exhibition details here.
Mondrian, 1969

This is the catalogue for the exhibition in the Orangerie des Tuileries, Paris.

No page numbers, strangely, but it is probably 200+, 97 illustrations, including 18 in colour
Piet Mondrian, 1966

This is the catalogue for the exhibition which toured Toronto, Philadelphia and The Hague in 1966.

The dust jacket is yellow and blue, the cover underneath is rather more interesting.

230pp, 114 illustrations including 4 colour
pic pic
Mondrian, de Stijl and their impact
Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, New York, 1966

60pp, 50 b&w illustrations and 4 in colour, with an introduction by Prof. A. M. Hammacher.
Galerie Beyeler, Basel, 1964/65

A very well produced catalogue with an unusual number of colour illustrations (tipped-in) for the time.
Sidney Janis, 1963

This must have been a wonderful exhibition to attend.

24pp, 63 B&W illustrations

A early and unsuccessful attempt at a virtual exhibition here.
Sidney Janis, 1962

Picture taken from the 1980 Janis catalogue. I haven't bought a copy of the 62 catalogue yet, but here are the covers from an eBay sale.
pic pic
Sidney Janis XXth Century Artists, 1960

20pp, 46 illustrations, all B&W, 4 by Mondrian (all earlier works)
Sidney Janis Arp & Mondrian, 1960

The cover is very plain, but the inside pages are more interesting.

48p, 46 illustrations, all B&W, 2 colour.
20 Arp, 18 Mondrian and 8 of previous exhibitions.
pic pic pic
Sidney Janis 10th Anniversary Exhibition, 1958

108pp, 115 illustrations, 9 in colour.
There are 4 Mondrian works and 6 photographs of exhibitions of (or including) Mondrian.
Sidney Janis, 1957

16 pp, 31 illustrations, including 2 tipped-in colour plates, plus 5 exhibition illustrations.

Exhibition image from a subsequent Janis catalogue.
pic pic pic
Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1955

62pp, 55 illustrations including 2 in colour

There is a delightfully quaint 1 page insert - see below.

Virtual exhibition here
Kunsthaus, Zürich, 1955

75pp, 118 small b&w illustrations and 3 photographs. Articles in German by Max Bill and Mondrian.
pic pic
Gemeentemuseum 's-Gravenhage, 1955

34pp, 129 small b&w illustrations and 1 photograph. Articles in French by Seuphor and Mondrian.

$25 from Avenue Books, St. Augustine, Fl.
pic pic
Sidney Janis, 1953

8 small pages. 34pp, 5 b&w illustrations and 1 photograph.

The picture of the exhibition is from a subsequent Janis catalogue.

$12 from Avenue Books, St. Augustine, Fl.
pic pic pic
Sidney Janis, 1951

Again, taken from a subsequent Janis catalogue.
Sidney Janis, 1949

From a subsequent Janis catalogue.
Kunsthalle, Basle, 1949

50pp 5 illustrations and a photograph of Mondrian. One of Mondrian's essays in German, Neue Gestaltung, and one by Seuphor in French, Refl´┐Żxions et souvenirs.

$12 from Art Books Only, East Hampton, NY.
Stedelijk Museum, 1946

56pp, 22 small b&w illustrations and 1 photograph. Articles in Dutch by Seuphor, Til Brugman, J.J.P. Oud, C. van Eesteren and Mondrian.

pic pic
Entartete Kunst exhibition, Munich, 1937
from Blotkamp, p.225, illus 168
Painting by Mondrian in the 'Entartete Kunst' exhibition, Munich, 1937.
Unversity of Chicago, 1935

from Blotkamp, p.202, illus 151
Installation photograph of Picasso's The Studio (1927-8) flanked by paintings by Mondrian, Miró and Hélion, at an exhibition of the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago, 1935.
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1926

from Blotkamp, p.207, illus 153
Installation photograph of the 'De Stijl Onafhankelijken' exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1926, including paintings by Smits, Servranckx, Huszár and Mondrian.
Hollandsche Kunstenaarskring, Amsterdam, 1917

from Blotkamp, p.101, illus 76
Installation photograph of three paintings by Mondrian at the Hollandsche Kunstenaarskring, Amsterdam, 1917: Composition in Colour B, Composition in Line, Composition in Colour A.
Galerie de L'Effort Moderne, Paris, 1911

from Mondrian in New York.
Installation photograph of the exhibition 'Maîtres du Cubisme' at the Galerie de L'Effort Moderne, Paris, 1921.

Whitechapel Art Gallery exhibition insert
Records Mondriaan appreciated music very keenly, with a specific personal taste for Bach and classical music. He was also an early enthusiast for jazz and boogie woogie and the eventual contact with America confirmed his feelings for this kind of music. Mondriaan often worked in his New York studio with boogie woogie, playing on the radio or on records ; and the phrase ' boogie woogie ' appears frequently in the titles of his later compositions.

The Trustees of the Whitechapel Art Gallery acknowledge with gratitude the loan from the Decca Record Company Ltd. of a Deccalian three-speed record reproducer and a selection of long-playing London origins of Jazz and Vogue boogie woogie piano records which are played at intervals during the course of the exhibition ; as well as the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major, and No. 6 in B flat major, played by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Karl Munchinger, on Decca LXT 2501. The numbers of the boogie woogie records are as follows:

AL 3506 Pioneers of Boogie Woogie
AL 3525 Jimmy Yancey - a lost recording
AL 3531 Cripple Clarence Lofton - a lost recording date
AL 3537 Pioneers of Boogie Woogie, Vol. 2
LRA 10016 Boogie Woogie Mood

Mention must be made of a special type of piano blues known as Boogie-woogie, which was heard at Negro 'rent parties' in Chicago in the early 1920's (Jimmy Yancey, 'Pine Top' Smith) long before it became famous in the world at large (c.1936) with Albert Ammons and Meade 'Lux' Lewis ('Honky Tonk Train Blues'). This type of playing is characterized by an ostinato bass figure, usually sharply rhythmic, against which the right-hand rhapsodizes eely, the sections usually comprising 12 measures and the treatment often being contrapuntal (sometimes in only two dely-spaced parts), with repeated tones, broken-octave tremolos, and short figures reiterated in great rhythmic variety.
Harvard Dictionary of Music, by Willi Apel.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1946 (page 378).

(From boogie, slang, a Negro performer + rhyming imitative sound.) A primitive-sounding percussive style of playing blues on the piano, characterized by a persistent bass rhythm and florid figurations of a simple melody often in contrary motion to the bass.

The image of Mondrian's records is from Mondrian in New York.
At the other extreme, this link [dead and replaced with the Wikipedia entry] is to the story of Jubal Brown who makes a habit of throwing up over modern art he disapproves of. More here.

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