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The old Collection page contained photographs dating from November 2001 to September 2002 showing of one of our walls containing a slowly developing collection of Mondriana. The Collection continued to change occasionally over the following years until 6th February 2011 when I took it down and boxed it up. I have been promised a wall in our next house when we eventually get around to moving and in the meantime the wall will be occupied by the copy of B301 I am currently working on.

Below are the wall in its denuded state and then the 2001 and 2002 photographs. All the elements of the Collection are shown on the Collection memorial page.

Some of the internal links have strayed over the years. I will gradually correct these.

7th February 2011
Here's the replacement, my B301 copy, work in progress.
My B301
6th February 2011
'Dim collectionio' as we say in Wales, but its elements can be seen here.
6th February 2011

The last snap.
24th November 2002

Here's a detail from the collection and the new Davidson. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

New items since the last update are the toy shoe, another watch and a Colette Davis watercolour (not shown),
collection collection

A special update to celebrate the arrival of Dawn Grant's Nude admires Mondrian. You can see Dawn's other works here [dead link].
8th September 2002.

Recent acquisitions are a second pair of shoes, the Cow Parade plush, two new watches, a Japanese Block the Scout badge and a faintly Mondrianesque banknote.
Here is a snap of most of the collection updated just before August 2002

Recent acquisitions are a new watercolour homage, a large print edition of The Burglar, and a second watch. You can now click on the picture for links to the new items [that would appear not to be the case].
7th July 2002

Recent acquisitions are a second MoMA tie, the UK first edition of Block's Burglar and (half of) the Liberian stamp.
7th June 2002

Recent acquisitions are the shoes, the phonecard carnet and the picture frame.
17th May 2002

Recent acquisitions are the postcard cartoon a second FDC and the second set of tiles has arrived.

The lampshade is up at last and the rehanging is now complete.
24th April 2002

Recent acquisitions are the figurine wearing a Mondrian dress, a second necklace, the tiles (more to come) and the postcard versions of the Mondrian stamps.

The collection has undergone something of a rearrangement, with a more flexible hanging system and a new frame showing all the phone cards.
March 2002

January 2002

December 2001

November 2001


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