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[2nd August 2011]

I have been meaning for some time to compile a page of Mondrian auctions. As with most of the Pictures pages, I will concentrate on the abstracts from 1920 onwards, that is, B104.
The Catalogue lists auctions up to 1994 and I have found several since: the list will be incomplete but indicative. [Later - all the Catalogue data entered, but not checked. I note that many more of the "A" non abstracts have been auctioned, but not many pre-1920 "B" paintings and so I might go back and capture all the "B"s - now done.]

I guess the information we need is picture, date, amount, seller, buyer, and location of the auction. The Catalogue only lists date, location and picture.
Abbreviations will be appropriate.

[9th May 2013]

I haven't done much on this page since 2011, but noticed A688 selling in NY - I intended to buy a lottery ticket, just in case, but forgot.

Picture Date Amount Seller Buyer Location Notes
B213 14 May 2015       Christies, NY est $15-25M
B170 11 May 2015       Christies, NY est $7-8M
A74b 16 Dec 2014 €53,979     Christies, Amsterdam
A16 28 Nov 2014 €30k     Villa Grisebach Auktionen, Berlin
A494 7 Oct 2014 €769,500     Christie's, Amsterdam
B253 24 Jun 2014 bought in   Christie's, London Est £5-8M.
B187 19th June 2013 £9.2M Private collection nk Sotheby's, London
A688 7th May 2013 $1.38M The collection of Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt nk Sotheby's NY  
B108 19 Oct 1921 A. Mak, Amsterdam also U13 and U14
B27 and B39 24 Jan 1922 A. Mak, Amsterdam
B244 3 Mar 1945 Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY
B199 19 Oct 1955 Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY
B117 13 Jan 1965 Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY
B201 23 Mar 1966 Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY
B108 2 Jul 1969 Sotheby's, London
B201 31 Oct 1978 Christie's, NY
B196 4 Dec 1979 Christie's, London
B196 19 May 1981 Christie's, NY
B183 30 Jun 1981 Sotheby's, London
B336 and B354 3-5 Nov 1981 Christie's, NY
B28 and B183 30 Mar 82 Sotheby's, London
B219 and B304 (B293) 27 Jun 1983 Christie's, London
B13 17 May 1984 William Doyle Galleries, NY
B68 14 Nov 1985 Sotheby's, NY
B282 18 Nov 1986 Sotheby's, NY
B139 1 Dec 1986 Christie's, London
B153 (B113) 30 Mar 1987 Christie's, London
B336 11 Jun 1987 Hauswedell, Hamburg
B338 12 Nov 1987 Sotheby's, NY
B336 11 May 1988 Sotheby's, NY
B339 12 May 1988 Christie's, NY
B339 10 May 1989 Sotheby's, NY
B232 26 Jun 1989 Sotheby's, London
B40, B50 and B127 15 Nov 1989 Sotheby's, NY
B338 and B357 16 Nov 1989 Sotheby's, NY
B193 2 Apr 1990 Christie's, London
B357 9 Apr 1990 Christie's, Rome
B152 16 May 1990 Christie's, NY
B259 16 May 1990 Sotheby's, NY
B193 25 Jun 1990 Christie's, London
B228 14 Nov 1990 Christie's, NY
B306 (B257) 5 Nov 1991 Christie's, NY
B144 12 May 1992 Christie's, NY
B56 and B205 30 Nov 1992 Christie's, London
B196 1 May 1993 Sotheby's, NY
B222 2-3 Nov 1993 Christie's, NY
B251 5 May 1994 Christie's, NY
B315 (B295) 11-12 May 1994 Sotheby's, NY
B153 (B113) 9 Nov 1994 Christie's, NY
Picture Date Amount Seller Buyer Location Notes
Picture Date Amount Seller Buyer Location Notes
Picture Date Amount Seller Buyer Location Notes

Note also A609, A225, A231, A36, A607, A51, A185, C124m C145, A96A, A141



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