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When compiling The Pictures, I was struck by the pose in A144. Robert Welsh in the Catalogue Raisonné vol.1 states that,

The figure in this watercolor has been identified with the Dutch writer Til Brugman and Noortje, the wife of Mondrian's artist friend Simon Maris, which, if either identification were correct, would argue for a relative[ly] late date for execution, since Brugman met Mondrian only c.1910 and Noortje arrived in Amsterdam only by 1906. Instead, it is possible to assign the date of execution to approximately the turn of the century, when Mondrian produced several watercolors of women in various states of spiritual enlightenment or distress. Distress seems a more likely emotional state in this case than enlightenment, although its exact cause remains open to various interpretations.

I would like to encourage anyone who happens across this site and this page to contribute one of themselves. Send yours here with whatever details you want included.
As I said on the original page,

Everyone should have their picture, preferably drawn (but possibly photographed and interfered with) in that pose.

Seated Woman with Arms Crossed, c.1898-1900
Watercolour on paper, 59.5x44.7 cm
Sidney Janis family collection

3rd Feb 2012
A disappointing response, i.e. none. But progress on the personal front as there is an oil in the pipeline based on this new image.
A happy but unintended effect is the reflection of a Mondrian stained glass window in my specs.
 sme  sme
20th August 2010
Here's me, captured today on an Olympus Stylus Verve camera and tinkered with in PaintShop Pro.
This is only the second outing for the suit this year and I opted for a MoMA tie.
 NB A144
6th September 2010
An interesting addition found on a trawl through google images, Aaron Shikler's 1970 portrait of J.F. Kennedy.
 Aaron Shikler, Kennedy
27th October 2010
Not a great photo here, I'll try to improve on it. Visiting the British Museum last week for a talk on their Suffragette Penny, I came across this Roman mask from the 1st-2nd century AD.
 Roman Mask

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