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The Collection lasted from 2001 until February 2011 when it was consigned to a box. It will be resurrected in the next house.

Here are its contents (to be added gradually). In the absence of a better idea, I will show them in approximately the sequence I photographed them, except where there is a logical or æsthetic override. There were also: several fridge magnets; some cigar labels with art themes, one a PM; a pile of museum postcards which I will identify, just in case there's one I need.

7th February 2011
Here's the replacement, my B301 copy, work in progress.
My B301
The Empty Wall collection
The last photograph, 6th February 2011

Frankly it looks a bit of a mess. Rebuilding it is a good plan.

And now the components of The Collection.

Cow Parade Moondrian. Moondrian
and the plush version plush Moondrian
YSL model YSL model
MoMA glass MoMA glass

A lucky find at 20p in a Cotgrave charity shop.
Mondrian Mule by April Romo de Vivar.

One of my earliest acquisitions and a bold, enduring favourite. Further details here.
also available as a toy collectable toy shoe
MoMA earrings MoMA earrings
Teapot Teapot Teapot
Jug, CBK Ltd of Taiwan Jug
Partridge Family toy bus Partridge Family
The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian, Lawrence Block

A great story.

Signed by the author on a visit to London.

Other editions here.
Block Block
read by the author Block
Mondrian's Elephant Mondrian's Elephant
Cigarettes fags
Lighter Lighter
First ashtray

from the Mondrian hotel
Second ashtray

enamelled copper
Rubber stamp and inks rubber stamp
Jigsaw jigsaw

dominoes variant. I have a set boxed as shown on Board Game Geek too. That's now shown below, together with the rules.
mondrio mondrio

damaged in a fall from the cabinet.
one of mine: I always intended to make more and refine the process, but have not got there yet. clock

I have others
Pens pens
Gold coin

image to follow

5 Pesos Uruguayos currency note issued by the Central Bank of Uruguay in 1998, showing the work of Joaquín Torres García
banknote banknote banknote

A young chap in Holland used to sell me these at rather full prices. The display has slipped and will have to be reworked when the Collection is resurrected.
More Phonecards

A set of four in a presentation case. The four views are front, back, half unfolded and fully unfolded to show a collection, some items of which I still lust after, particularly the wine bottle.
Phonecards Phonecards Phonecards Phonecards
Proof of Mondrian

Postcard views of Dallas by Susan Hoffman. There is plenty more detail here.

of an approximate nature.
postcard postcard
a great cartoon

in a sweet, albeit cracked, ceramic frame from CBK Ltd of Taiwan

and Maxi-cards. Posted in Amersfoort and Utrecht.
postcard postcard
More stamps

First day covers and maxi-cards. This is the only part of the collection still on show: partly because it would not fit in the box.


Two sets of tiles from Roberta, but cannot recall the surname and the web site is no more.

The Amaryllis is one of my few commissioned pieces.
tiles tiles
This is probably the best piece I own.

Mondrian's Martini by Barnaby Conrad lll
And this is my best original work mine
An assemblage of homages and artifacts. assemblage
A fine play on American Gothic. American Gothic
Colette, It's Mondrian, Man, 2001

It is undoubtedly the case that the homages and pastiches of the early 2000s were immeasurably superior in conception and execution to the current (2011) crop.
Patricia Bannister, Art on Broadway, 2003 cat cat
David Louis Feinberg, Nondrian, 2002 nondrian
Ed Haldeman, 3x5 Alive, 2001

Nicely structured.
Andrew Findlay, In the Mind of Mondrian, 2008 Andrew Findlay
Rothstein, Milan Station No.1, 2000

This was, possibly, the first piece in the collection. It popped up on eBay because the photographer compared the composition to Mondrian. I cannot remember many of the details and the title and artist are approximate, drawn from the inscription.


Cabinet cabinet
Shelf shelf


There are numerous pieces which passed through the Collection, on grounds of space, taste, whim and other factors. They are currently in another box, but I intend to reunite them all in the box and will probably photograph them while doing so. Dawn Grant's splendid Nude admires Mondrian is certain to appear (if I find it).

[9th Feb 2011] That process is now complete. In addition to a number of badges, postcards, bookmarks and a few homages which aren't good enough to reproduce, the items which had been through the Collection are shown below. A few pieces were somewhat battered: the new storage should be an improvement.

Dawn Grant Nude admires Mondrian

To me, this is the highlight of this section.
Mondrio, the other set

The rules are available here.
Mondrio Mondrio
Three more watches Watches
Two pairs of shoes Shoes
Two ties and a headscarf, all MoMA Ties
Two necklaces, one definitely Mondrian, the other rather more of a Van Doesburg necklaces
A cycling jersey with a controverial green patch cycling jersey
Two CDs, Louis Andriessen and David Clark Little CDs
I take this to be an information sign from a train. train sign
I had some email correspondence with Jean Bourke, the artist behind The Mondrian Door in 2002. Jean sent me this signed print of the design. door
A scouting badge from the Mondriaan Troep scouts
Several pieces of fabric combining Mondrian and smiley. fabric

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