Mondrian Misc

Mondrian Miscellaneous

(14th Sep 2002)

Probably the most desirable piece of Mondriana this year. I would love this, but a starting price of $100 on eBay is too much for me.

This lot consists of three 1940s invitations mailed to MOMA members for major openings at MOMA. Each invitation would admit two for a private preview showing for members only. Each has a nice small print on high quality paper. (1) Georgia O'Keeffe Retrospective, May 14, 1946; (2) Stuart Davis, Oct 16, 1946 (print is of Composition with red Polygon, 1932; (3)Piet Mondrian, March 20, 1945. Invitations are 4 1/4" X 6" folded. They have some small crease, but overll VG+ condition. The Mondrian does have what appear to be small marks for a paper clip bottom center.

There's a larger version at the bottom of the page.

(15th June 2002)

Mondrian Cake

from San Francisco Art Magazine Com

Here's the trailer for their article

And in the spirit of April Fool's, you can see how SFAM gets fooled in our cover story Red Wine and High Heels, an evening with the Post Mondrian Collection. How could anyone resist a show with party favors like the non-Internet cookie

(19th November 2006)

Mondrian Cheese

Found here.


On banknotes  I have drawn a blank so far.


(26th August 2002)

Well, this isn't really a Mondrian banknote, but it is close as I have come.

On eBay.

5 Pesos Uruguayos currency note issued by the Central Bank of Uruguay in 1998.

This note features the portrait of Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres-García. He lived from 1874 until 1949, Uruguayan artist, and leader of the Montevideo School of painting. Torres-García moved to Paris, France, in 1926. While in Europe, his work was influenced by Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian. Torres-García was also influenced by Inca and Nazca pottery on his visit to Madrid, Spain, in 1932. Torres-García's style is based on a grid pattern derived from the aesthetics of the golden section, a geometric proportion based on specific line segment ratios. His Montevideo School was known for its development of an abstract art based on geometry and surrealism.

The reverse of the note shows pieces of his work.


(18th October 2001)

Mondrian Coin

A coin at last - I'm not sure whether it is "legal tender" or just a commemorative medal, but it's a nice start.

eBay description: golden coin of the netherlands of the painter Mondriaan



(8th May 2002)

I think this is a card displayed on train doors to show passengers where it's going and there must be one named after PM. I need a picture of the train.

Zuglaufschild EC 146 Piet Mondrian
Verkaufe Zuglaufschild des EC 146siehe Bild. Die Portkosten zahlt der Käufer.


23rd June 2001
The Mondrian influence is just discernable

Scout 17th World Jamboree Holland badges
This is a lot of 4 badges from the 17th WJ in Korea from the holland Contingent. This lot has the Nederland badge, the Van gogh Troop, the Rembrandt troop, and the Mondriaan troop badge.

There's a better example here.

30th July 2001
I would have liked this, but the seller will not ship outside the US.
This is a fabulous copper enamelled lidded pill box with a very nice interpretation of a Mondrian style painting! The pill box is in near mint condition with only some light usage wear to the surface of the brass metal of the box. The copper enamel lid is in excellent condition. The box measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square and 1/2" in Height. The bottom of the pill box has a wonderful dated label from 1956 that states that the pill box is compliments of a doctor and given at the time of a meeting of the American Medical Association in Chicago in 1956!
30th September 2001
Mondrian Pill Box by ACME
Design inspired by Piet Mondrian. Silver plated brass box with handmade cloisonné enamel top. Very few made. In excellent condition, never used, still in its original packaging. Dimensions: W: 2 1/8” D: 1 6/8” H: 5/8”
25th June 2001
This 'log'-book was published on the occasion of an exhibition of paintings of this famous artist in 1994 commemorating that he died 50 years earlier. It contains more than 100 reproductions in color of his work and some photos from family life. Text is in Dutch. The year planner can be used as a reference book for anniversaries etc or as an agenda. Additional is a special designed pen with his signature printed on it.

Worth a small bid for the pen. My hopes on the book are modest. Arrived 7th July and is really good. Pen here.


(7th October 2001)
This looks jolly interesting. I'll try to buy it and give it a page of its own.
The World Of Interiors Jul94 Mondrian Colours
bulletLynda Trahair's flat in Bath is a picture of Mondrian like primary colours
bulletGilles Dewavrin's flat testifies to hid non stop designing
bulletHoward Hodgkin's time remembered art
bulletContemporary Milan flat created by Roberto Gerosa
bullet2 men 5 sofas
bulletUniversity of Westminster bar design

details here


(20th October 2001)
Here's a snowboard from eBay - not quite Mondrian, but close enough to put on show.
You are bidding on a BRAND SPANKING NEW Burton Fluid 59 (159) board in it's plastic "ziplock" bag. It has never seen snow, hasn't even been out of the bag! It is a DEEEEEP RED on one half of the board, with a Mondrian-like pattern in the center, and a DEEP MUSTARD YELLOW on the other half. Very classy-looking in my opinion!

(31st Dec 2001)
Mondrian Snowboard

A skateboard found in Yahoo.
Available from

(6th Dec 2001)
HPGL-PLOTTER "MONDRIAN" SELBSTGEBAUT, Elektor-Verlag. Bauplan einschließlich Platinenlayout. Rollenplotter für Formate bis A2, 3 Farben. Zustand neuwertig. Keine Ebaygebühren, Versandkosten trägt Käufer, Bezahlung per Überweisug.