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[29Apr13] A few more from a Bexley Box last week, but I'm reaching the stage where I'm struggling to store the stamps sensibly and efficiently.
I would be happy to buy a definitives only album if anyone sold them but, so far as I can tell, no-one does. I have Scott International pages from 1840 to around 1970, but they would be difficult to edit. I bought a CD with worldwide pages years ago, but they are now incomplete. I have found a web site offering free pages in pdf format which seem to be kept reasonably up-to-date and are certainly more current than my other resources. I intend to try and edit these into definitives only and then keep the stamps in the personalised album thus created.
[13Feb13] Similarly, a few new and a few better from a Bexley Box. homage
[11Nov12] Another Bexley Box. Not a great deal of material, but a few new stamps and a few better examples. homage
[24Aug12] Dartford have at last received their 2011 SG Simplified and another Bexley Box has arrived, providing a good selection of Mariannes at sensible prices. homage
[15Jul12] It took a long time but at last I have a more recent SG, the 2008 Simplified. Dartford library's 2011 is still at the mender's, but the 2008 at least allows the addition of the Lamouche issue and a few commemoratives of earlier issues. While I ensorse the simplified approach, I would prefer that it included the year of issue rather than bundling all stamps in the year of the first issue of kind. homage
[11Jun12] Found another Marianne, 1960 Decaris, just SG1494. homage
A good day at Orpington yesterday.
Still quiet here. Waiting for my next visit to Dartford to extend the research or a box to arrive, but I hope to get to Orpington stamp fair tomorrow. Looking at the spreadsheet, the stamps are spaced too sparsely to present as I have the GB definitives, so I will try a table organised by date columns but not by defined value rows. Table complete with four stamps.
There's been a delay in progressing the research and the page - my only access to later catalogues is at Dartford library and I only go there on Mondays - I missed this week and next week is a bank holiday. The week after that I'll be due back and can check their 2008 SG Simplified for the 2005 Lamouche issue. They also have[/had] the 2011 edition which will detail the 2008 Beaujard issue, but they have returned that to Gibbons because of printing errors.
So, on 11th I should have more detail, will update the pdf and start building the detail page, along the lines of GBDefs.
Orpington Stamp Fair on 9th June, so I might even acquire some of the stamps.
And a couple more.
I'm working on a speadsheet of all the stamps - should be done tomorrow for all those I have data on.

A pdf of the spreadsheet is now available here.
I bought a few covers today. I guess the plan is to get one for each issue, preferably red.
Cocteau study for the stamp design which started this page. Sold here for £4500.
Why are other countries' stamps and covers more attractive, aesthetic and tasteful than ours?
A 1944 advertising cover for the Journée Nationale du Timbre found at squidoo.
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1513 1513

This all started when I found a Cocteau Marianne in a BPS stamp box. I thought I might acquire all the French 20c definitives as a representative sample, but that doesn't work. I'll have to get them all.


Eventually there will be subsidiary pages for research and acquisitions, but at first it will all be here. The first good page I found was Abelard. Then an exploratory post on the Stamp Magazine forum brought a helpful reply which cited the French Marianne Study Circle.
And the Cocteau miniature sheet was keenly priced on ebay for $6.75.

I have the 5th edition of SG Part 6, France (2001), which lists the commemorative Mariannes as SG3091, SG3188, SG4254, SG3407, SG3460 and SG3531 - I'll check the latest Part 5 next time I'm in The Strand. But first the definitives, based on the Abelard page and numbered from Part 5 (or a 2004 Simplified if that is easier).
For those who have not read my other pages, if I cannot see the difference (i.e. perforations, shades, watermark, paper, gum etc.) then I ignore it; if it costs more than a few pounds then I do without it (though that second rule is being bent for the new GB Defs collection).

This ties up more-or-less with the list on the Stamp Magazine forum:
1944 Marianne d'Alger
1944 Marianne de Dulac
1945 Marianne de Gandon
1955 Marianne de Muller
1959 Marianne à la Nef
1960 Marianne de Decaris
1961 Mariannde de Decaris
1967 Marianne de Cheffer
1971 Mariannde Béquet
1982 Liberté
1989 Marianne de Briat
1997 Marianne de luquet
2005 Mariannde Lamouche
???? Marianne de Beaujard.


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