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We recently stayed at DeVere's Uplands House, High Wycombe. The room contained a desk and shelves unit which, if painted appropriately, would call to mind the Red-Blue chair.

I plan to make one.

(30th Dec 2011)

Here's the white (undercoat) version, Rietveld colouring to follow.

I'm delighted with how it has turned out so far and think that GR would approve: I found some of his larger furniture less satisfying pieces than the chair, all too fiddly, for example the desk and especially the sideboard (images 3 and 4) which show his chair design principles taken much too far.

My only concern is, having extended the main desk beyond the hotel original, I hope the support pieces are strong enough to hold it.
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(3rd Jan 2012)

Here's the finished piece.

GRDesk3 GRDesk4


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