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The Score column is an experiment (Feb14) to monitor progress in acquiring the stamps for display. The initials "FCACOP" are, of course, First Issue, Commem, Airmail, Charity, Official, Post Due. Green means 'gotit' (or a substitute) a dash means 'there isn't one', red means 'unobtainable'. There shouldn't be too many reds as I am finding a variety of ways to fill a gap for stamps that are too expensive. British Offices in Siam is a candidate for red - too expensive, no substitutes, commemoration unlikely (unless I do it myself ... now there's a thought). To clarify, Green means I have a stamp or an acceptable substitute in that place, not necessarily the stamp I would like, qv the Hawaiian Missionaries and Newfoundland Airmail.

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Score Country Date of first issue Page Notes
FCACO- Afghanistan 1871 9.3  
F----- Alsace and Lorraine 1870 Occ1.1 Franco-Prussian War
F----- Alwar 1st January 1877 10.3 Indian Feudatory State
F----- Amoy 8th June 1895 Chi2 Chinese Treaty Port
F----- Annam and Tonkin 21st January 1888 12.5  
FCAC-P Angola 1st July 1870 8.2 Portuguese colony
F----- Anjouan 1st November 1892 12.7  
FC-C-- Antigua 1st August 1862 6.6  
F----- Antioquia 1868 8.4 Columbian State
FCACO- Argentina 1st May 1858 5.1  
  Argentinian Provinces 5.1 Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Corrientes
  Australian States 1850   New South Wales, Victoria
    1852-54 3.7 Tasmania, Western Australia
    1855-57 4.2 South Australia
    1858-60 5.3 Queensland
FCAC-P Austria 1st June 1850 2.4  
F----- Austria-Hungary 1st June 1867 7.7  
FC-C-P Azores 1st January 1868 8.1 Portuguese colony
F----- Baden 1st May 1851 2.5 German State
FCAC-- Bahamas 10th June 1859 5.5  
F----- Bamra 1st January 1888 12.2 Indian Feudatory State
FC-CO- Barbados 15th April 1852 3.4  
F----- Basel 1st July 1845 1.2 Swiss Canton
FC-C-P Bavaria 1st November 1849 1.6 German State
FC---P Bechuanaland Protectorate 1888 11.6
FCACOP Belgium 1st July 1849 1.6  
FCAC-P Belgian Congo 1st January 1886 12.1 Belgian colony
Belize formerly British Honduras
F----- Bergedorf 1st November 1861 6.2 German State
FC-C-- Bermuda 25th September 1865 7.2 see also handstamps.
F----- Bhopal 1871-76 9.7 Indian Feudatory State
F----- Bhor 1st January 1879 10.3 Indian Feudatory State
F----- Bogota 1889 12.3 Columbian State
F----- Bolivar 1863 6.2 Columbian State, World's smallest stamp
FCAC-P Bolivia 1867 7.7  
FC-C-P Bosnia & Herzegovina 1st July 1879 10.6
  Botswana 1966 11.6
FCACOP Brazil 1st August 1843 1.2  
F----- Bremen 10th April 1855 4.2 German State
F----- British Bechuanaland 2nd December 1885 11.6
F----- British Columbia and Vancouver Island 1860 5.4 Canadian Provinces
F----- British Consular Mail, Madagascar 1884 11.8
FC-C-P British Guiana 1st July 1850 2.5  
FC-C-P British Honduras January 1866 7.4  
FC-CO- British Virgin Islands 1st December 1866 7.5  
  British Offices Abroad
F----- Brunswick 1st January 1852 3.2 German State
F----- Buenos Aires 29th April 1858 5.1 Argentinian province
FCACOP Bulgaria September 1878 10.5
FC---- Calchi / Karki 1912 O1.4 Turco-Italian War, Occupation Issue
F----- Calimno 1912 O1.4 Turco-Italian War, Occupation Issue
F----- Campione 1944 6.5 Italian wartime issue
FCACOP Canada, Dominion 1st April 1868 8.5  
  Canadian Provinces 1851 2.7 Canada Province, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
    1855-57 4.2 Newfoundland
    1860-64 5.4 British Columbia and Vancouver Island
1860-64 6.1 Prince Edward Island
F----- Cape of Good Hope 1st September 1853 3.7 South African Provinces, first triangular stamp
FCAC-P Cape Verde Islands 1st January 1877 10.1 Portuguese colony
F----- Caso 1912 O1.4 Turco-Italian War, Occupation Issue
F----- Cavalla (Kavalla) 1913 O1.5 Balkan War, Occupation Issue
F----- Central China 1949 Chi6 Communist China
FC-ACO- Ceylon   4.6  
F----- Chamba 1886 12.2 Indian Convention State
F----- Cheefoo 6th October 1893 Chi2 Chinese Treaty Port
F----- Chinkiang 6th August 1894 Chi2 Chinese Treaty Port
F----- Chios (Khios) 1913 O1.5 Balkan War, Occupation Issue
FCAC-P Chile 1st September 1853 3.6  
FCAC-P China 1878 10.4
FC---P Chinese Empire 1878 Chi4
FCAC-P Chinese Republic 1912 Chi4
  China, Communist 1930-1949 Chi6 Central China, Chinese Soviet Republic, East China, North China, North-East China, North-West China, Port Arthur and Dairen, Red Posts, South China, South-West China
FCAC-P Chinese People's Republic 8th October 1949 Chi7 Mainland communist China
FCAC-P China, Republic of 1st January 1950 Chi7 Taiwan / Formosa
  China, Japanese Occupation 1932-1946 Chi5 Kwangtung, Manchukuo, Mengkiang, North China, Nanking and Shanghai, North-Eastern Provinces
  Chinese Provinces 1915-1933 Chi5 Manchuria, Sinkiang, Szechwan, Yunnan
F----- Chinese Soviet Republic 1932 Chi6 Communist China
  Chinese Treaty Ports 1893-98 Chi2 Amoy, Cheefoo, Chinkiang, Chungking, Foochow, Hankow, Ichang, Kewkiang, Nanking, Shanghai, Wei Hai Wei, Wuhu
F----- Chungking December 1893 Chi2 Chinese Treaty Port
F----- Cochin China 16th May 1886 12.5  
FCACO- Colombia 1859 5.5  
  Colombian States 1860-64 6.2 Bolivar
1868-70 8.4 Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Tolima
1881-85 11.3 Santander
1886-90 12.3 Bogota
Communist China Chi6 Communist China
F----- Confederate States 16th August 1861 6.2 US secessionist states
FCAC-P Congo 1960 12.1
F----- Coo / Cos 1912 O1.4 Turco-Italian War, Occupation Issue
F----- Cordoba 28th October 1858 5.1 Argentinian province
F----- Corrientes 21st August 1856 5.1 Argentinian province
FCACOP Costa Rica March 1863 6.9  
  Costa Rican Province 1881-85 11.3 Guancaste
FCAC-P Cuba 24th April 1855 4.3  
F----- Cundinamarca 1870 8.4 Columbian State
FCAC-P Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) 23rd May 1873 9.6  
FC-C-- Cyprus 11st April 1880 10.7
F----P Danish West Indies 1st April 1856 4.4  
F----- Dedeagatch 1913 O1.5 Balkan War, Occupation Issue
FCACOP Denmark 1st April 1851 2.6  
F----- Diego-Suarez 25th January 1890 12.7  
FC-C-- Dominica 4th May 1874 9.8  
FC-COP Dominican Republic 19th August 1865 7.1  

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