Several tangents, digressions, summaries, thumbnails, notes and other offshoots have grown from the Display pages. The purpose of this page is to give easy access to those subsidiary pages.

As noted elsewhere, these Other pages are linked to each other as well as to their parent page, giving rise to alternatively structured, intentionally counter-intuitive and potentially mystifying pathways. through the data.

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For each of the (usually) 8-page pisplays, there is a single-page thumbnail of the contents. These thumbnails are linked together 'horizontally' and linked 'vertically' (downwards only) to the Display pages in which they are referenced.

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These pages show just the first issue (or its substitute). I find them rather a pain to compile and so they tend to lag behind the Displays.

1840-51 - 1852-57 - 1858-62 - 1863-69 - 1870-79 - 1879-86 - 1886-?? -


It would be more accurate to label this category Stamps on Stamps. With the completion of Display Six (1861-64), which included Italy's first, a new convention was introduced, to "review the commemoratives of all the previous state or province stamps when the parent country issues its first". As noted throughout the displays, although commemoration is common on the centenary, it also occurs seemingly randomly, the earliest found being Portugal's of 1934 (81st anniversary) and Rumania's 1932 (74th anniversary).

Italy - Canada - Germany - India


These digressions allow me to pursue any collecting whims that arise, however vaguely, from the main Displays.

Express - Embroidery - Twinings tea cards

On the back

Various pages have related items on the back, the first actually written being an early Luxembourg miniature sheet on page 3.5a. A convention has arisen of showing relevant miniature sheets for the whole of a Display on the back of its first page. They are listed below and linked horizontally.

Miscellaneous pages



In the Guinness pages (my second atempt at documenting first issues: this is the third), I mapped a few timelines, tracing the changes in various geographical stamp-issuing areas. I'll revisit hose in due course, but here's a list:

GB - North America - Germany - Malaysia - Africa

This entry arises from a lengthy and admirable article in the September 2013 Stamp Magazine detailing the independence processes of British colonies between 1948 and 1988. It includes a list - and I like lists - of around 45 colonies. My Scotts Classic lists all the GB colonies, not to mention everyone else's colonies and this raised the notion of combining these approaches to list and eventually to diagram what happened to every stamp-issuing entity.

A couple of days after writing this section (in Aug 2013), I discovered Michael Adkins' Dead Country site which includes some terrific Transition Charts - they will save me the trouble of rewriting mine for now.
He also links to Big Blue and the stamp collecting blog.




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