First Occupation Issues - Part I

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Turkish Empire, Italy

The Italian OAs, one C19 general issue plus numerous localities in the new century.

Italy Turkish Empire Italy Turkish Empire Albania SG18 Sc1 Italy Turkish Empire Janina SG117 Sc5 Italy Turkish Empire Constantinople SG40 Sc1 Italy Turkish Empire Durazza SG109 Sc1
General issue Albania Janina Constantinople Durazzo
1874 SG Sc1 1902 SG18 Sc1 1902 SG117 Sc5 1909 SG40 Sc1 1909 SG109 Sc1

Italy Jerusalem SG125 Sc1 Salonika SG133 Sc1 Italy Turkish Empire Scutari SG142 Sc1 Smyrna SG151 Sc1 Valona SG159 Sc1
Jerusalem Salonika Scutari Smyrna Valona
1902 SG125 Sc1 1902 SG133 Sc1 1902 SG142 Sc1 1909 SG151 Sc 1909 SG159 Sc

Offices in China

This section is repeated in the China Display.

France made a general issue plus seven for specific locations (Gibbons notes that these were administered by the French colony of Indo-China), Italy two issues, with one each for Germany, Russia and Britain.

Canton SG1 Sc1 Hoi Hao SG1 Sc1      
France, General issue France,Canton France, Hoi Hao France, Mongtseu France, Pakhoi France, Tchongking France, Yunnan Fou
1894 SG1 SC1 1901 SG1 Sc1 1901 SG1 Sc1 1903 SG1 Sc1 1903 SG1 Sc1 1903 SG1 Sc1 1903 SG1 Sc1

Kwangchowan SG1 Sc1 Italy Offices Peking SG1 Sc1  
France, Kwangchowan Germany Russia Britain Italy, Peking Italy, Tientsin
1906 SG1 Sc1 1898 SG7 Sc1 1899 SG1 Sc1 1917 SG1 Sc1 1917 SG1 Sc1 1917 SG31 Sc1

For both the Italian stamps, the initial sets (September 1917) were hand-stamped locally and later sets (December 1917) overprinted mechanically in Italy. The first sets are expensive (the Peking stamps range from £50 to £70,000). The typographic overprints will be sought and shown.


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