First Occupation Issues - Part I

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Turkish Empire, Russia (continued)

By contrast with its striking #1, after the turn of the century, Russia also issued a number of very pedestrian OA overprints for specific locations.

Constantinople Jaffa Jerusalem Kerassunde Mount Athos Salonica
1909 SG66 Sc61 1909 SG75 Sc71 1909 SG84 Sc81 1909 SG93 Sc91 1909 SG102 Sc101 1909 SG118 Sc131

Smyrna Trebizonde Beirût Dardanelles Mételin Rizeh
1909 SG127 Sc141 1909 SG136 Sc151 1910 SG145 Sc161 1910 SG154 Sc171 1910 SG163 Sc181 1910 SG172 Sc191

1872 SG14 Sc12

In 1865, stamps were issued,for the Russian Company for Steam Shipping and Trade (ROPIT). The first inexpensive example is shown. The 50th ROPIT anniversary commemorative issue was used for the local overprints above.

Austria Office in Crete
General issue Crete
1867 SG1 Sc1 1903 SG14 Sc12

Turkish Empire, Austria

Austria used the stamps of Austrian Italy (Lombardy and Venetia) between 1863 and 1867 until that was lost in the Seven Weeks' War. Thereafter, stamps similar to the Austrian 1867 definitive but denominated in soldi were used. In addition to the general Turkish Empire issues, there were overprints for the island of Crete, both with and without varnish bars (the stamp shown is a watermark variant - not particularly cheaper, merely what was available).

Turkish Empire, France

France also made a general issue, plus four local issues.

Cavalla SG41 Sc1 Port Lagos SG75 Sc1
General issue Cavalla Dedeagatch Port Lagos Vathy (Samos)
1885 SG1 Sc1 1893 SG41 Sc1 1893 SG58 Sc1 1893 SG75 Sc1 1894 SG81 Sc1

Turkish Empire, Britain, Germany and Rumania

Germany Turkish Empire Sc1   Romania Turkish Empire Sc7
GB General issue Germany General issue Rumania General issue Rumania, Constantinople
1885 SG1 Sc1 1884 SG? Sc1 1885 SG1 Sc1 1911 SG1 Sc7

Only general issues for GB and Germany, and from Rumania, a general issue plus one used for a ship post service between Constantza and Constantinople. Gibbons lists the 1919 Constantinople overprint as an SG1.


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