First Occupation Issues - Part I

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Balkan War, 1912-13

Greece occupied some Aegean Islands and parts of western Turkey, the territories being renamed New Greece. Gibbons regards these as occupation issues, Scott as Offices Abroad.

    Greece 1912 SG1 Sc-N16  
Chios (Khios) Icaria Lemnos (Limnos) Mytilene (Lesvos)
1913 SG1 Sc-N1 1913 SG9 Sc-N10 1912 SG1 Sc-N16 1912 SG1 Sc-N55

    Greece 1912 SG Sc-N109    
Samos Samos Occupied Turkey Cavalla (Kavalla) Dedeagatch
1914 SG20 Sc-N92 Charity
1915 SG27 Sc-N98
Vathy Hospital Fund
1912 SG Sc-N109 1913 SG1 Sc-N167 1913 Sc-N179
(Thrace SG1)

The Chios, Cavalla and Dedeagatch issues are expensive and unlikely to be acquired.
Scott and Gibbons disagree on the first issue for Lesvos (and, indeed on the name: Scott uses Mytilene. Gibbons notes that this was previously the name of the island and at the time of occupation, the name of the main town.)
Both Icaria and Samos made brief independent issue before Greek occupation and these will be shown in the main displays. Samos also managed a charity stamp, while under occupation, for the Vathy Hospital Fund (the stamp shown is one of the less expensive from the set).
See the entry below regarding Dedeagatch.

Macedonia and Thrace

1913 Sc1
(Gumultsina SG1)

Mackay, the guiding light of this project, lists Greek occupation of Macedonia and Thrace in 1913. Only Thrace is listed during this period in Scott and Gibbons. Scott starts with a surcharge on a Turkish stamp, identified as a Glumulzina District Issue. That is not Gibbons’ starting point, but this is not of particular consequence (Gibbons #1 for Thrace is the Dedeagatch issue above).

Offices Abroad (OA)

These are organised by the location of the Office. Overlaps between these and the occupation issues above have already been noted. Only offices issuing identifiable stamps are listed here. The entry is based on the list in Scott Classic and will be expanded as others are found.

Russia Turkish Empire SG2a Sc1
Russia, General issue for the Turkish Empire
World's First Office Abroad stamp

1863 SG2a Sc1

Turkish Empire, Russia

Appropriately, the first OA issue is the most impressive, Russia’s 1863 general issue for the Turkish empire.


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