First Occupation Issues - Part I

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Turco-Italian War, 1911-1912

In addition to the general and specific Dodecanese issues, Italy also made the Estero general issue, used more widely and shown first below.
The Dodecanese (literally ‘twelve') or Aegean Islands gladden the hearts first issue collectors, providing a block of accessible and affordable stamps to boost the collection statistics. The islands declared their independence from Turkey in 1912, only to then be occupied by Italy. In addition to the twelve islands, there is the larger island of Rhodes, which had a wider range of stamps, and general issues for the area.
Each of the islands issued an overprinted 1930 Ferrucci commemorative, but only the Calchi stamp is shown.
The islands were occupied by Italy until 1944 when they were taken over by British forces: they were transferred to Greek administration in 1947.

  Aegean Is SG26 Aegean Is SG40 ScC1
EGEO overprint
1912 SG1 Sc1
1930 SG26 (Rhodes Sc29)
21st Hydrological Congress
1930 SG40 Sc-C1

General Issues

Rhodes SG3J Sc1 Rhodes SG17 Sc15 Rhodes SG124 ScC1
1912 SG3J Sc1 Commemorative
1929 SG17 Sc15
Royal visit
1934 SG124 Sc-C1
Post Due
1934 SG-D148 Sc-J1


The Dodecanese

Calimno Sc1 Caso Sc1 Coo Sc1 Lero Sc1 Lipso Sc1
Calchi / Karki Calchi Calimno Caso Coo / Cos Lero(s) Lisso / Lipso
1912 SG3D Sc1 Commemorative
1930 SG35D Sc12
1912 SG3A Sc1 1912 SG3B Sc1 1912 SG3C Sc1 1912 SG3E Sc1 1912 SG3F Sc1

Nisiros Sc1 Patmos Sc1 Piscopi Sc1 Scarpanto Sc1 Simi Sc1
Nisiro(s) Patmo(s) Piscopi Scarpanto Simi Stampalia
1912 SG3G Sc1 1912 SG3H Sc1 1912 SG3I Sc1 1912 SG3K Sc1 1912 SG3L Sc1 1912 SG3M Sc1


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