First Occupation Issues - Part I

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Crete, 1898-1908

Following Turkey granting autonomy to Crete in 1898, troops were stationed in various sectors by Britain, France, Italy and Russia. As noted in the introduction, the British and Russian issues are listed as occupation stamps, while France, Italy plus Austria are listed as Post Offices Abroad.

Br Off Crete SGB2 Sc2 Rethymnon SG-R2 Sc10 French Offices in Crete SG1 Sc1 Italian Post Offices In Crete SG1 Sc1
temp. facsimile
British Administration, Candia Province Russian Administration, Rethymnon Province French Post Offices Italian Post Offices Austrian Post Offices
[25th November 1898]
SG-B2 Sc2
[1st May 1899]
1899 SG-R2 Sc10
October 1902
SG1 Sc1
October 1902
SG1 Sc1
March 1903
SG-F1 Sc1

The first GB and Russian issues are unaffordable and so the #2s are shown. Gibbons states that mail with these stamps was processed through the Austrian post office, thus supporting the distinction discussed above. The Austro-Hungarian Offices used both the Austrian and Lombardy and Venetia stamps before issuing specific stamps used in Crete and generally in the Turkish Empire.

Boer War, 1899-1902

    Transvaal SG226 Sc202
Orange Free State Transvaal First Occupation Transvaal Second Occupation
SG-101 Sc44
[April 1877]
1877 SG Sc
19th June 1900
SG226 Sc202

Mackay lists British occupation issues for two South African provinces during the Boer War, Orange Free State and Transvaal, but this was the second occupation in Transvaal. In 1876 under, perhaps, somewhat more humanitarian circumstances, the province was “faced by economic collapse, native wars and internal dissention” (Gibbons, 2003). There are few affordable stamps from the first occupation; only SG98 and SG101 (Sc 59/61) are worth considering.


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