First Occupation Issues - Part I

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War of the Pacific, 1879-83

Peru SG57 ScN11
1881 SG57 Sc-N11

Deriving from a quarrel between Chile and Bolivia over the taxation of Chilean nitrates, Peru became involved because of a treaty with Bolivia and was occupied by Chile in 1881. Overprinted Chilean stamps were used until 1883. Gibbons lists a number of occupation issues which Scott had previously catalogued but now regards as normal Chilean stamps merely cancelled in Peru.

Greco-Turkish War, 1897-98

Thessaly SGM162 ScM1
1898 SG-M162 Sc-M1

The Turkish army occupied Thessaly, an eastern region of Greece, and issued stamps for use by their troops. Turkey evacuated all but a few coastal sites in 1897 and withdrew fully in 1898. Forgeries are commonplace.

Spanish-American War, 1898

This conflict had its origins in disagreement over Cuba’s aspirations for independence, but was also fought in other Spanish colonies.

  Cuba SG301 Sc227
Cuba Cuba
U.S. Administration
1898 SG203 Sc176
1898 o/p
U.S. military rule
1899 SG301 Sc227

Cuba’s changes of administration have been described on the main FI pages, the U.S.’s interventions resulting in overprint issues in 1898 for the U.S. administration and in 1898 for U.S. military rule. Cuba gained independence in 1902 (subject to the Platt Amendment allowing further interventions: this right was abrogated in 1932).

Philippines SG252 Sc213
U.S. administration
1899 SG252 Sc213

Philippines, again as described elsewhere, underwent more upheavals and over a longer period than Cuba, including a period of U.S. administration at this time, for which overprinted U.S. stamps were issued, and occupation by Japanese forces during WW2 which will be listed later.

Guam SG1 Sc1
U.S. administration
1899 SG1 Sc1

Guam, similarly, was occupied both by the U.S. and later Japan. In this period, U.S. overprints were issued and U.S. stamps used from 1901.

Puerto Rico 1899 SG202 Sc210
Puerto Rico
U.S. administration
1899 SG202 Sc210

Puerto Rico’s first stamps were issued in 1877 as a Spanish colony. Following occupation by U.S. troops, overprints were used until civil government was established in 1900, since when U.S. stamps have been used. Both Gibbons and Scott list an expensive, type-set Coamo provisional, followed by a run of U.S. overprints.


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