Embroidered stamps

Another First Issue Digressions. This arose when considering Switzerland's unusual contributions to philately, braille, scratch 'n' sniff and embroidery. I only have Austria's at the time of writing (August 2013) but will gather data and images here.

I have already noted that various West Indian islands have spoiled the party by producing far too many, all in excess of postal needs (not that, I imagine, many of these embroidered stamps will have been used on routine letters).

The normal Rules for these pages suggest that only items I own will be shown. This page is an exception: while I intend to buy most of these, the images grabbed from various web sites, have been included in anticipation.

Switzerland also produced a stamp on wood (2004), followed by Paraguay and Djibouti. There are good links at dark roasted blend and stamps of distinction.

Portugal released a stamp on cork (2007), as did Ecuador.

Switzerland 2000
SG Sc1075
The first embroidered stamp. Also available as a miniature sheet (or, perhaps, a miniature quilt) of four.
The bears:
Gambia 2003 SG Sc2731
Grenada 2003 SG Sc3353
Grenada Grenadines 2003 SG Sc2461
St. Vincent 2003 SG Sc3095
Sierra Leone 2003 SG Sc2598
These rather ruin the flow. They were all pretty much identical. I might buy a representative example, but I'm damned if I will fall into their trap and buy them all.
Italy 2004
SG Sc2624
There's one on ebay, August 2013. Missed the end - it was at 3 a.m.
[20Sep13] Darn, two from the same seller ending within a minute. Missed because I was a a lecture at St. Ives about Marlow Moss. A pain, but Moss takes precidence.
Austria 2005
SG Sc2019
The only one in stock at the start of this page. I have the green one.
Austria 2010
Singapore 2009
Brasil 2010
Micronesia 2011
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