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Shanghai SG1 facsimile    
[August 1865]
Shanghai facsimile
1893 SG177 Sc160
50th anniv. foreign settlement in Shanghai
Post Due
[1892] SG-D133 Sc-J7

Chinese Treaty Ports

These posts were set up by foreign traders to save the expense of the existing private mail services. Starting in Shanghai, they expanded along the coast and extended to Japan. When the Imperial Post was established, the restrictions introduced put the Treaty Port posts out of business.

Shanghai gets its own entry (copied from the main display listing, D7) with three stamp types, the others just a single stamp, irrespective of what might have been issued.

  Hankow 1893 SG4 Sc4 Chinkiang SG1 Sc1   Kewkiang SG1 Sc1
Cheefoo Chungking Hankow Chinkiang Ichang Kewkiang
6th October 1893
SG1 Sc1
[Dec 1893]
1894 SG3 Sc3
[20th May 1893]
1893 SG4 Sc4
6th August 1894
SG1 Sc1
1st December 1894
SG1 Sc1
1st June 1894
SG1 Sc1
Wuhu SG1 Foochow SG1 Sc1 Nanking SG1 Sc1  
Wuhu Amoy Foochow Nanking Wei Hai Wei  
26th November 1894
SG1 Sc1
8th June 1895
SG1 Sc1
1st August 1895
SG1 Sc1
20th September 1896
SG1 Sc1
8th December 1898
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