First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast SG5 Sc5 Gold Coast SG113 Sc108 Gold Coast SG85 ScMR1 Gold Coast SGD2 ScJ2 Ghana SG166 Sc1
[1st July 1875]
1875 SG5 Sc5
1935 SG113 Sc108
Silver Jubilee
1918 SG85 Sc-MR1
War Tax
1923 SG-D2 Sc-J2
1957 SG166 Sc1

Another west African territory and another money-saving watermark variant on the #1. Similarly, the keenly-priced 1d post due is shown rather than the costly ½d. It became the independent Ghana in 1957.


Montserrat SG1 Sc1 Montserrat SG7 Sc5 Montserrat 1932 SG84 Sc75 Montserrat SG60 ScMR1 Montserrat SGO1 ScO1
September 1876
SG1 Sc1
1884 SG7 Sc5 Commemorative
1932 SG84 Sc75
300th anniv. of Montserrat colonisation
1917 SG60 Sc-MR1 War tax
1976 SG-O1 Sc-O1

Back to the West Indies for Montserrat. #1 is an Antigua overprint, the first real Montserrat stamp being the 1880 2½d red at £250/£180, but the 1884 ½d to the same design is preferred. At the time of writing, it remains a British Overseas Territory. The Official is an early contender in the Large tangent.

Occupation Issues and Offices Abroad

Peru SG57 ScN11
1881 SG57 Sc-N11

These are shown in a separate display, although some are shown with the occupied territory, as with Montenegro, above.
In this period, the War of the Pacific (1879-83), derived from a quarrel between Chile and Bolivia over the taxation of Chilean nitrates, Peru became involved because of a treaty with Bolivia and was occupied by Chile in 1881. Overprinted Chilean stamps were used until 1883. Gibbons lists a number of occupation issues which Scott had previously catalogued but now regards as normal Chilean stamps merely cancelled in Peru.


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