First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Malayan state

Johore SG22 Sc19 Johore SG32 Sc30
[July 1876]
1891 SG22 Sc19
1896 SG32 Sc30
Coronation Issue

Johore’s 1876 #1 is a handstamped Straights Settlements definitive that sells for £10k/£4k. This was followed by a series of stamps overprinted ‘JOHORE’ in a wide variety of fonts. We start with the first real stamp from 1891 showing Sultan Aboubakar. The first commemorative is an overprint for the coronation of Sultan Ibrahim.

South African province

Griqualand West SG26 Sc99
[September 1874]
1879 SG26 Sc99

Griqualand West is an area north of Cape Colony which used Cape of Good Hope stamps from 1871, from 1874 with an overprint. The #1 is a 1d pen and ink surcharge on the 4d blue (£1,000/£1,700). In 1877, two CoGH issues were overprinted ‘GW’ and thereafter the overprint was just ‘G’. The stamp shown is the last of the 4d blue overprints, in 1880 GW was merged with Cape Colony.


Dominica SG5 Sc5 Dominica SG92 Sc90 Dominica SG55 ScMR1 Dominica SG626 Sc602
[4th May 1874]
1877 SG5 Sc5
1935 SG92 Sc90
Silver Jubilee
1916 SG55 Sc-MR1
War Tax
1978 SG626 Sc602

The largest island in the Windward Group in the West Indies. The SG5 shown differs from the £150 #1 only in the watermark. Only commemorative and war tax stamps have been issued in addition to the definitives. Dominica became independent in 1978.


Lagos SG17 Sc14
[10th June 1874]
1882 SG17 Sc14

This west African territory was bought by Britain in 1861, went through various administrative oversights and became part of Southern Nigeria in 1906. Only definitive were issued. The stamp shown is the same design but a different watermark to the #1.


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