First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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    Montenegro SGD90 ScJ1
1st May 1874
SG38 Sc1
1893 SG81 Sc22
400th anniversary of printing in the country
Post Due
1894 SG-D90 Sc-J1

Montenegro, which borders the Adriatic Sea, is associated with Serbia, which appeared in Display 7. Airmail and charity issues were only made under occupation. After WW1, it joined with neighbours to form a grouping that became the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929. After WW2,

Serbia & Montenegro Independence Referendum
2003 SG Sc120 2006 SG Sc145

it became part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1992, Yugoslavia dissolved but Montenegro remained with Serbia in the Federal Republic (the ‘Socialist’ component was dropped) and then as Serbia and Montenegro in 2002 (the 2003 stamp shown, denominated in Euros, was only used in Montenegro). In 2006, Montenegro became independent.

Austrian occupation Italian occupation German occupation
1917 SG1 Sc1N1 1941 SG1 Sc2N1 1943 SG76 Sc3N1

Montenegro was occupied by Austria in WW1 And by both Italy and Germany in WW2.

Indian States

  Jind Convention SG1 Sc33 Bhopal SG5 Sc5  
Jind, Feudatory Jind, Convention Bhopal Poonch
SG1 Sc-J1
1st July 1885
SG1 Sc33
[1st January 1876]
1878 SG5 Sc5

Jind, as did Faridkot, issued stamps as both a Feudatory and a Convention state. The Feudatory period was 1874 to 1885 and the Convention 1885 to 1943. Bhopal and Poonch were both Feudatory states. Bhopal’s is not the #1: it was bought as an SG5; looks like an Sc5 and is representative of the early designs. Poonch’s first few stamps are expensive and so a later stamp will be shown: the 1884 SG7 Sc8 looks favourite.


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