First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao)

Netherlands Antilles S13G Sc1   Netherlands Antilles SG123 ScC1 Netherlands Antilles SG127 Sc-C6   Netherlands Antilles SG282 Sc-B1 Netherlands Antilles SGD42 ScJ1
23rd May 1873
SG13 Sc1
1923 SG98 Sc75
Queen Wilhemena Silver Jubilee
1929 SG123 Sc-C1
1931 SG127 Sc-C6
1941 SG175 Sc-CB1
Prince Bernhard Fund to equip Dutch Forces
1947 SG282 Sc-B1
Social Welfare Fund
Post Due
1889 SG-D42 Sc-J1

Two groups of islands in the West Indies, 500 miles apart. In 1954 they became part of the Netherlands and in 1986, Aruba was given separate status and issued its own stamps. At the time of creating this page, I have just the first issue and the first airmail, neither remarkable and none of the full set particularly expensive. If any of the issues prove to be worthy of note, this will be commented upon retrospectively.


Surinam SG14 Sc3 Surinam SG169c Sc109 Surinam SG276 ScC1 Surinam SG192 Sc-B1  
1st October 1873
SG14 Sc3
1923 SG169c Sc109
Queen Wilhemena Silver Jubilee
1930 SG276 Sc-C1
1927 SG192 Sc-B1
Green Cross Fund
Post Due
1885 SG-D36 Sc-J1

1975 SG802 Sc424
Commemorative first airmail
1990 SG1443 Sc858

A Dutch colony on the northeast coast of South America. Sc3 is the first stamp as the first two in the set were not issued until 1885. Surinam became an independent state in 1975. The first airmail has been commemorated, but not, it would seem, the first stamp.


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