First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Puerto Rico

SG1 Sc1
First real stamp
1877 SG14 Sc13
1893 SG110 Sc133
Columbus 400th anniv
1898 SG-W182a Sc-MR1
War Tax
Post Due
1899 SG-D207 Sc-J1

Puerto Rico SG202 Sc210
US Administration
1899 SG202 Sc210

There are plenty of gaps in this collection: more as the rewrite expands the scope, but this is the first entity for which, at the time of writing, I have none of the stamps. Some are expensive and unlikely to be acquired (the first commemorative, for the 400th anniversary of Columbus' landing, was only valid for one day and sells for £160/£40), but most are reasonably priced.
A large island in the West Indies, Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony until the US occupation in 1899. From 1873 (date unknown) until 1876, Puerto Rico used Cuban stamps with an overprinted squiggle, then 1877 saw the first issue inscribed PTO RICO. It is nice to see different text on a War Tax stamp. The stamp from the Spanish-American War is from the Occupation Display and US stamps were used from 1900. No airmail or official.


Iceland SG1 Sc1 Iceland SG96 Sc86 Iceland SG156 ScC1 Iceland SG173 ScC3 Iceland SG201 ScB1  
[1st January 1873]
[SG1 Sc1]
1911 SG96 Sc86
Centenary of Jon Sigurdsson, author and statesman
1928 SG156 Sc-C1
1930 SG173 Sc-C3
1933 SG201 Sc-B1
Shipwreck and rescue
1876 SG-O21b Sc-O5

Iceland SG548 Sc492
Commemorative #9
1976 SG548 Sc492

Iceland has some striking stamps to offer. The #1 catalogues at £750/£1,600, so mine is probably a fake. The first set was commemorated in 1973 and 1976 and the latter is shown. The first commemorative is a lovely embossed issue: there was a similar design the following year showing Frederick VIII.

For airmails, there are the quaint first overprint and the stylish first real airmail showing the Gyrfalcon: it would be interesting to see a full tessellated sheet of the expensive triangular airmail and I have made another exception (#4) to include an image, three stamps being the largest group found so far. The first Charity stamp, in support of sea rescue, is another bold design and deserves a mint copy. The first official sells for $6k/$7k and is represented by the FSP to the same design. There are no post dues.


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