First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Germany SG1 Sc1 Germany SG380 Sc340 Germany SG111 ScC1 Germany SG105 ScB1 Germany SGO83 ScOL1 Germany SGO117 ScO1
1st January 1872
SG1 Sc1
1924 SG380 Sc340
50th anniv. UPU
1919 SG111 Sc-C1
1919 SG105 Sc-B1
War Wounded Fund
1903 SG-O83 Sc-OL1
1920 SG-O117 Sc-O1

Germany has a mundane set of firsts with no post due. Scott regards Gibbons’ first official as a local issue for Prussia. More interesting are the administration changes and, particularly, the commemoratives for German States shown overleaf.

Germany SG107 Sc105 Germany SG490 Sc398 West Germany SG1033 Sc665 East Germany SGE1 Sc48 Germany SG-B1 Sc-9N1
Weimar Republic Third Reich West Germany East Germany Berlin
1919 SG107 Sc105 1933 SG490 Sc398 1949 SG1033 Sc665
Opening of W. German Parliament
1949 SG-E1 Sc48
75th anniv. UPU
1948 SG-B1 Sc-9N1

Germany SG2326 Sc1612
Germany Reunified
1990 SG2326 Sc1612

At the end of WW1, the German Revolution caused the Emperor and German princes to abdicate. A republic was formed under the Weimar Constitution. The early 1920s were prosperous and occasionally decadent, but following the 1929 depression, conditions and stability deteriorated, allowing Hitler to take power. At the end of WW2, Germany was occupied by the victorious powers, the area controlled by Russia became East Germany and that of GB, France and the US became West Germany: Berlin remained divided and had its own stamps. There were many occupation issues and these will be covered in the Occ3 Display. In 1990, as the Eastern Bloc crumbled, Germany was reunited: the stamp shown has a nice Berlin postmark from the first day of issue.

Mackay [1, p.171] states that Germany issued the first Submarine Stamp, identifying a commercial service, with official approval, between Germany and the US, by submarine and run by Deutsche Versicherungsbank GmbH, starting in 1916. There's a good post on the subject here.


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