First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Portuguese India

Portuguese India

Portuguese India SG25 Sc24 Portuguese India SG275 Sc189 Portuguese India SG534 ScC1 Portuguese India SGC491 ScMR1 Portuguese India SGC495 ScRA1 Portuguese India SGD277 ScJ1
[1st October 1871]
1873 SG25 Sc24
1898 SG275 Sc189
Vasco da Gamma
1938 SG534 Sc-C1
1919 SG-C491 Sc-MR1
War tax
1925 SG-C495 Sc-RA1
Charity tax
Post Due
1904 SG-D277 Sc-J1

Portugal had a presence in India from 1505 until Indian forces retook the final area of Goa on the west coast of the mainland in 1961. The early issues, from 1871 until 1877 (SG1-56, Sc1-55) were handstamps and the first set are all expensive, but the 1873 stamp sought is to the same design and more keenly priced. There is no Official, but two flavours of charity to show.

Afghanistan, Kingdom of Kabul

Afghanistan SG1 Sc1   Afghanistan SG280a ScC1      


1920 SG173 Sc220
1st anniv. of the War of Independence
1939 SG280a Sc-C1
Potez 25A2 over Kabul
1938 SG25 Sc-RA1
Anti-Cancer Fund
Aliabad Hospital
1952 SG358 Sc-B1
Birth centenary of Avicenna (physician)

1909 SG-O17 Sc-O1

The date of the first issue is not known. There are many minor design variations in the early stamps and forgeries are commonplace: this example has been described as 'early Afghanistan or a copy thereof';. The first commemorative is expensive (£22 both) but may be acquired eventually. There is no post due, but a choice of first charity stamps. A terrific first official, a contender for the large first issues digression.


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