First Issues - 1871 to 1876

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Hungarian First Issue Stamp on Stamps

It was noted when preparing Hungary's entry that it went through a phase, particularly in the 1970s, of commemorating other countries' first issues. I have restricted the listing below to first(ish) issues, although many other stamps, both Hungarian and from elsewhere, have been commemorated.

  Hungary SG2886 Sc2288 Hungary SG2908 Sc2310
Austria Basel Sweden
1962 SG1838 Sc-B225 1974 SG2886 Sc2288 1974 SG2908 Sc2310

Hungary SG3049 Sc2431    
Denmark Tuscany Netherlands
1976 SG3049 Sc2431 1976 SG3054 Sc2437 1977 SG3155 Sc2487

Hungary SG3195 Sc2532   Hungary SG3319 Sc2648
Canada Bulgaria GB #2
1978 SG3195 Sc2532 1979 SG3236 Sc2572 1980 SG3319 Sc2648

    Hungary SG4310 Sc3542
GB #1 Hungary Hungary
1990 SG-MS3976 Sc3239 1991 SG-MS4079 Sc3331 1996 SG4310 Sc3542

2000 SG4519 Sc3703 year SG Sc year SG Sc

Also consider 1979 SG-MS3270 Sc2607, unissued 1848 stamp. And in 1991 there was an MS celebrating the Thurn & Taxis postal system, but without a stamp illustration.



The first batch of these surprisingly large stamps was bought at the November 2013 Strand Fair. Most of them appear to have been released in connection with national stamp shows and issued as miniature sheets of three stamps, but only those available as single stamps were bought on the grounds of both space and economy.

page written September 2013