First Issues - 1868 to 1870

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Iran (Persia)

  Iran SG426 Sc560 Iran SG686 Sc-C34 Iran SG899 Sc-B1 Iran SG-O224 Sc-O5
1915 SG426 Sc560
Coronation of Shah Ahmed
1930 SG686 Sc-C34
1948 SG899 Sc-B1
Fund to rebuild Avicenna's Tomb
1902 SG-O224 Sc-O5

Iran borders on the Persian Gulf and was previously known as Persia. The first issue, 1868, date not certain, is moderately expensive and manifests numerous variants and reprints and frequent forgeries. I have not found a commemorative of the first issue and so I’m still looking for a representative stamp. The first real airmail is shown. O5 is the first official as the first four were printed but not used.


Gambia SG30 Sc17 Gambia SG143 Sc125 Gambia SG211 Sc206
[18th March 1869]
1886 SG30 Sc17
1935 SG143 Sc125
Silver Jubilee
1965 SG211 Sc206
First issue after independence

A British colony on the west coast of Africa. The first imperforate issue is expensive, but the same design was used until 1887: an 1886 stamp is shown. The commemorative is a standard G5. Gambia was granted independence in 1965. While Gambia is about as dull as a British colonial issue can be …


… is quite fun. Until the time of the first issue, post was handled by British consul but this became increasingly ineffectual as immigration to Fiji fuelled

Fiji SG39 Sc40 Fiji SG242 Sc110 Fiji SG138 Sc-MR1 Fiji SG276 Sc-B1 Fiji SG-D6 Sc-J1
[1st November 1870]
1882 SG39 Sc40
1935 SG242 Sc110
Silver Jubilee
War tax
1916 SG138 Sc-MR1
1951 SG276 Sc-B1
Post Due
1918 SG-D6 Sc-J1

demand, and so the local newspaper, the Fiji Times started its own postal service and produced its own typeset stamps. These are expensive and so represented by the 1970 commemorative set on the next page. The Times paved the way for the government service the following year: again, early stamps are costly and so an FSP is shown. The first post due labels, 1917, again typeset, are all expensive and so the first of the second set is shown.

Fiji SG432 Sc301 Fiji SG433 Sc302
1970 SG432 Sc301
1970 SG433 Sc302

Fiji’s 1970 centenary commemorative set is one of the smartest designs yet shown, depicting a range of stamps covering the GB monarchs during those years.


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