First Issues - 1868 to 1870

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Colombian states

Cundinamarca SG1 Sc1 Tolima SG6 Sc1
Antioquia Cundinamarca Tolima
1869 SG5 Sc5
SG1 Sc1
SG6 Sc1

Colombia’s first national issue was in 1859. Antioquia’s first was in 1868, Cundinamarca and Tolima in 1870: the dates are not known for any of the provinces. Antioquia’s first is expensive (£500/£200) but there is an FSP (SG5/Sc5) and a Colombia commemorative miniature sheet (shown on the reverse of the first page). Cundinamarca, a very pretty stamp, is nicely priced. Tolima is not too costly, but hard to find.

Indian State

Hyderabad SG1 Sc2   Hyderabad SG13 Sc4
8th September 1869
SG1 Sc2
1937 SG49 Sc47
The Nizam's Silver Jubilee
World's First Four language stamp
1871 SG13 Sc4

Just one feudatory state in this period, from Hyderabad in the region of Deccan. The first is the 8th September 1869 1 anna stamp (the ½ anna stamp in the first set was issued in 1871). There is also a commemorative issue and an 1871 innovation in the form of the world’s first stamp showing four languages (English, Maharatti, Telugu and Urdu) [Mackay 1, p.126]: this applied to most of their stamps until 1948.

Malayan state

Sarawak SG1 Sc1 Sarawak SG146 Sc155
1st March 1869
SG1 Sc1
1946 SG146 Sc155
Centenary Issue
Sir James Brooke, Sir Charles Vyner Brooke and Sir Charles Brooke

The second Malayan state to issue, following Straights Settlements in 1867, Sarawak is on the island of Borneo and at the time of the first issue, was ruled by Sir James Brooke, depicted on the first issue. He was the first member of the Brooke dynasty that ruled the state for more than a century from 1841. Sir James and other Brookes are shown on the first commemorative, 1946.


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