First Issues - 1868 to 1870

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Issues for states and provinces are shown together in these displays and this is the most productive period thus far, including one German state, two South African provinces, three Columbian provinces, one Indian Feudatory state and one Malaysian state.

German States

North German Confederation SG1 Sc1   North German Confederation SG-H2 Sc12 Germany
NGC, Northern NGC, Southern NGC, Hamburg
1st January 1868
SG1 Sc1
1st January 1868
SG11 Sc7
[1st January 1868]
1869 SG-H2 Sc12
Germany commemorative
1968 SG1471 Sc990

It is, perhaps, misleading to categorise this as a ‘state’. Nineteen German States have been shown in earlier displays: on 1st January 1868, the stamps of all but Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg were withdrawn and replaced by stamps of the North German Confederation. Currency differences were recognised with stamps denominated in groschen for the north, kreuzer for the south and undenominated for the Hamburg city post. In 1872 they were, in turn, replaced by stamps of the German Empire. The northern and southern issues were commemorated in 1968.

South African provinces

Orange Free State SG2 Sc3
1st January 1868
SG2 Sc3

The Orange Free State (later Orange River Colony) was an independent state in southern Africa, close to the British-controlled Cape Colony and this, Mackay suggests [2, p.280], is why London printers were used for their stamps. The design shows the orange tree, emblem of the state and was used until 1903. The 1d stamp was issued 15 years before the ½d SG1/Sc1.

South Africa SG Sc789 Transvaal SG215c Sc165 Transvaal SG-D1 Sc-J1
[1st May 1870]
South Africa
SG705 Sc789
1895 SG215c Sc165
Post Due
1907 SG-D1 Sc-J1

Transvaal’s first issue was more than two years later, though they did manage a wider range of stamps with a commemorative and a post due. There are many variations on Transvaal's first stamp, the 1d red, most of them costly, and so a South African 1990 commemorative depicting the 1/- issue is shown.

Both OFS and Trasnvaal appear in the first Occupations display for their Boer War issues.


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