First Issues - 1868 to 1870

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St. Thomas and Prince Islands

St. Thomas and Prince Islands SG17 Sc1   St. Thomas and Prince Islands 1938 SG364 Sc-C3 St. Thomas and Prince Islands SG-C323 Sc-RA1 St. Thomas and Prince Islands SG-D121 Sc-J1
SG17 Sc1
1938 SG371 Sc320
Visit of the President of Portugal
1938 SG364 Sc-C3
1925 SG-C323 Sc-RA1
Post Due
1904 SG-D121 Sc-J1

Two islands in the Gulf of Guinea, 125 miles off the coast of West Africa. The date of the first issue is not known. The first airmail, 10c red-orange is expensive (£35/£29) and so is represented by the third in the set. The Islands did not resort to early overprints and produced some attractive stamps in past times, but since the 1960s they have entered the wallpaper market and produce endless commemoratives for thematic collectors. My 2004 Gibbons Simplified ignores everything from 1977. One useful 1985 product commemorates an important and expensive Cape of Good Hope stamp: I am prepared to make an exception and buy that.


Angola SG7 Sc1 Angola SG383 Sc274 Angola SG401 Sc-C1 Angola SG-C347 Sc-RA4   Angola SG-D150 Sc-J1
[1st July 1870]
SG7 Sc1
1938 SG383 Sc274
Vasco da Gamma
1938 SG401 Sc-C1
1929 SG-C347 Sc-RA4
1991 SG961 Sc-B1
Post Due
1904 SG-D150 Sc-J1

1975 SG730 Sc594

On the Atlantic coast of Africa, bordered by Congo, Zambia and Namibia. Angola’s issues are very similar to St.TPI above. The first set of postal tax stamps is a common design type and so the first Angolan stamp is shown. There is a late entry semi-postal for the Red Cross. Independence was granted in 1975 as the People’s Republic of Angola, resulting in a stamp of questionable taste.


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