First Issues - 1865 to 1867

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Bolivia SG1 Sc1   Bolivia SG110 Sc78 Bolivia SG374 Sc-RA1 Bolivia SG-D265 Sc-J1
SG1 Sc1
1909 SG110 Sc78
Centenary of the Revolution
1924 SG170 Sc-C1
1939 SG374 Sc-RA1
Workers' Home Building Fund
Post Due
1931 SG-D265 Sc-J1

Bolivia SG384 Sc274  
1942 SG384 Sc274
1963 SG856 Sc515

In 1863, Bolivia invited tenders for the printing of stamps, awarded the contract, then cancelled the project after the stamps had been printed but before they were issued. Curiously, the unissued stamps were commemorated in 1963 with three stamps (one shown) and the miniature sheet shown on the back of page one. National stamps were issued in 1867, though the date is not known and commemorated in 1942, the 75th anniversary (early first issue commemoratives are discussed in the Romania listing in Display 5).


Austria-Hungary SG384 Sc27 Austrian Offices in the Turkish Empire  SG1 Sc1
Austria-Hungary Austrian Offices in the Turkish Empire
1867 SG-AH50 Sc27 1867 SG1 Sc1

Occupation issues and Offices Abroad are shown in separate displays. Notable in this period is the 1867 issue for Austrian Offices in Turkey. Between 1863 and 1867 Austria used the stamps of Austrian Italy (Lombardy and Venetia), until that territory was lost in the Seven Weeks' War. In 1867, stamps were issued for the previously separate postal administrations of Austria and Hungary and the same design, but denominated in soldi, was used for Austrian Offices in Turkey.

The geopolitical and administrative changes affecting Austria, Austria-Hungary and Hungary are explored on the next page, added as an afterthought a month after completing the first version of this Display. The need for it became apparent when working on the 1871 Hungary entry.


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