First Issues - 1865 to 1867

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Serbia 2006 SG Sc356 Serbia SG108 Sc79 Serbia SG-D87 Sc-J1
[1st May 1866]
Serbia 2006
SG? Sc356
1904 SG108 Sc79
Centenary of the Karageorgevic Dynasty
Post Due
1895 SG-D87 Sc-J1

Mackay [2, p.275] notes that Prince Michael Obrenovich initiated modernisation in Serbia, including the introduction of a postal system. A commemorative replaces the expensive first issue showing the national coat of arms.

Austrian Occupation German Occupation
1916 SG? Sc1N1 1941 SG? Sc2N1

Serbia was occupied by Austria during WW1 and by Germany during WW2.

Serbia Montenegro SG Sc180  
Serbia & Montenegro Serbia
3rd April 2003
SG? Sc180
30th June 2006
SG? Sc348

Serbia joined with other regions after WW1 and became Yugoslavia in 1929. Yugoslavia dissolved in 1992, leaving the entity of Serbia and Montenegro and in 2006, Montenegro left that federation. Two sets of stamps designed for S&M were released after the split but only used in Serbia: the stamp shown, depicting the Battle of Mishar, a painting by Paja Jovanovic, was the first designed for Serbia.

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands  SG1 Sc1 Virgin Islands SG103 Sc69 Virgin Islands SG78c Sc-MR1  
[1st December 1866]
1889 SG1 Sc1
1935 SG103 Sc69
Silver Jubilee
1917 SG78c Sc-MR1
War Stamp
1985 SG-O1 Sc-O1

Or British Virgin Islands, part of the Leeward Islands group (whose stamps were used concurrently) in the West Indies. It became a separate colony in 1956. There are also American Virgin Islands, previously the Danish West Indies.


Honduras SG1 Sc1 Honduras SG260a Sc-C13C Honduras 1929 SG260a Sc-C13C Honduras SG409 Sc-RA1 Honduras SG-O56 Sc-O1
SG1 Sc1
1892 SG56 Sc65
Columbus 400th anniv.
Airmail [1925]
1929 SG260a Sc-C13C
1941 SG409 Sc-RA1
Obligatory tax, Red Cross
1890 SG-O56 Sc-O1

2000 SG Sc-B1

Honduras formed a part of Mexico before independence in 1838. The date of the first issue in 1866 is not certain. The early airmails were a series of expensive and often forged overprints and so the first real airmail is shown. In addition to the postal tax stamps the first Scott B1 charity stamp was issued in 2000 (not found in Gibbons).


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