First Issues - 1865 to 1867

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Egypt (cont.)

Egypt SG123 Sc105
First real commemorative
1925 SG123 Sc105
Geographical Congress, Cairo
Egypt SG-E138 SC-E1
1926 SG-E138 SC-E1

Special Delivery issues are normally noted in the text but only shown on the Express Page: an exception has to be made for Egypt’s magnificent 1926 stamp showing a postman on a Triumph 500.

Egypt SG495 Sc322 Egypt SG552 Sc438 Egypt SG1110 Sc872
Republic United Arab Republic Arab Republic of Egypt
1953 SG495 Sc322 1958 SG552 Sc438 1971 SG1110 Sc872

Egypt also has changes of administration to offer as it became a republic in 1953 after the overthrow of King Farouk; joined with Syria in the United Arab Republic in 1958 (Syria left in 1961); and reverted to the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1971. Both Scott and Gibbons number sequentially through these

British Honduras

British Honduras SG17 Sc13 British Honduras G121 Sc89 British Honduras 1916 SG114 Sc-MR1 British Honduras SG138 Sc-B1 British Honduras SG-D1 Sc-J1
[January 1866]
1884 SG17 Sc13
1921 SG121 Sc89
War tax
1916 SG114 Sc-MR1
1932 SG138 Sc-B1
o/p SG126 Sc91
Belize Hurricane Relief
Post Due
1923 SG-D1 Sc-J1

Belize SG347 Sc312
Self-government Belize
1964 SG217 Sc182 1973 SG347 Sc312

This Central American region bordering Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean became a Crown Colony in 1862, was granted self-government in 1964 and changed its name to Belize in 1973.
The first stamp shown is an 1884 variant, the only difference from the #1 being the watermark. Scott makes the usual distinction between war tax and semi-postal stamps. No airmail or official stamps were issued for British Honduras.


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