First Issues - 1865 to 1867

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Egypt SG1 Sc1 Egypt SG1797 Sc1433
1st January 1866
SG1 Sc1
1991 SG1797 Sc1433


The design quality and variety of early Egyptian stamps was one of the main reasons for my taking up stamp collecting again and so this section will be rather indulgent.

The earliest Egyptian issues, 1st January 1866, were made under Turkish Suzerainty, a set of seven definitives overprinted in Turkish. The issue was commemorated in 1991 and in the miniature sheet on the reverse of the first page.

Egypt SG11 Sc8 Egypt SG28 Sc19 Egypt SG44 Sc29 Egypt SG58 Sc43
Sphinx in front of pyramid Sphinx to the left Postes Egyptiennes at the top Postes Egyptiennes at the bottom
1867 SG11 Sc8 1872 SG28 Sc19 1879 SG44 Sc29 1888 SG58 Sc43

In the following year, the first of the renowned Sphinx definitives was released, an evolving design with four basic configurations, which lasted until 1907.

The first commemorative, 1922, was a definitive overprint acknowledging the proclamation of the monarchy under King Fuad I and the first real commemorative (shown on the next page because of its size) a 1925 stamp for an International Geographical Congress in Cairo: the stamp depicts the god Thoth writing the name of King Fuad. Two airmails are also shown, Egypt’s first from 1926 (de Havilland DH34 Biplane over the Nile) and their finest airmail from 1933, a Handley Page HP42 over the Pyramids, the latter best appreciated as a full set.

Egypt SG98 Sc78 Egypt SG132 Sc-C1 Egypt SG193 Sc-C5 Egypt SG284 Sc-B1 Egypt SG-O64 Sc-O1 Egypt SG-D57 Sc-J1
First Commemorative
1922 SG98 Sc78
Proclamation of the monarchy
First Airmail
1926 SG132 Sc-C1
Finest Airmail
1933 SG193 Sc-C5
1940 SG284 Sc-B1
Child Welfare Fund
1922 SG-O64 Sc-O1
Post Due
1884 SG-D57 Sc-J1

The first Charity stamp, from 1940, shows Princess Ferial and benefitted the Child Welfare Fund. The first Official and Post Due stamps are, by contrast, rather dull.


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