First Issues - 1865 to 1867

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Bermuda SG24a Sc1 Bermuda SG59 Sc55 Bermuda SG46 Sc-MR1 Bermuda SG141 Sc144
25th September 1865
SG24a Sc1
1920 SG59 Sc55
Tercentenary of Local Representative Institutions
1918 SG46 Sc-MR1
War Tax
Perot commemorative
1953 SG141 Sc144

Bermuda had an 1848 entry for the local handstamps produced by the postmaster William Perot, but the first real national release was 25th September 1865. The G6 1949 Perot commemorative was shown in the Display for 1848, the E2 1953 commemorative is shown here.

It is a project standard to show all the states and provinces for the period together. There are three entries in this period, two of which are new categories.

Chinese Port

Shanghai SG1 facsimile    
[August 1865] Shanghai facsimile Commemorative
1893 SG177 Sc160
50th anniv. foreign settlement in Shanghai
Post Due
[1892] SG-D133 Sc-J7

All of Shanghai's early definitive are prohibitively expensive and so I will have to rely on a fake reprint until an alternative source is found.

The 1893 commemorative overprint marks the 50th anniversary of foreign settlement in Shanghai.The early post due labels are all overprints of 1890-82 definitives of the same design. The first is costly ($300), but Sc-J7 is the same design with different perforations and at $3 is an admirable substitute.

See also the China display.

Indian Feudatory State

[23rd March 1866]
1883 SG145 Sc106

Stamps were issued collectively and separately for Jammu and Kashmir, all numbered sequentially both by Scott and Gibbons. The first joint stamp was the ¼a red in May 1878 and the stamp shown is the similar 1883-94 ½a red with more selvage than stamp. The individual firsts for Jammu (1867) and Kashmir (1866) are costly.

Malayan States

Straights Settlements, 1st September 1867, is the first of the many Malayan States issues. Initially overprints of Indian stamps were used, the first catalogued real issue being the 2c brown. It is unusual for a subsidiary entity to release this full a range of stamps, but Straights Settlements managed an overprint and a real commemorative, a charity issue and a post due label.

Straights Settlements SG1 Sc1 Straights Settlements SG11 Sc10 Straights Settlements SG250 Sc179d Straights Settlements SG256 Sc213   Straights Settlements SG-D1 Sc-J1
1st September 1867
SG1 Sc1
Indian overprint
First real definitive
1868 SG11 Sc10
1922 SG250 Sc179d
Malaya-Borneo Exhibition
First real commemorative
1922 SG256 Sc213
Silver Jubilee
1917 SG216 Sc-B1
Red Cross
Post Due
1924 SG-D1 Sc-J1


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