First Issues - 1861 to 1864

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica SG1 Sc1 Costa Rica SG115 Sc103 Costa Rica SG164 ScC1 Costa Rica SG130 ScB1   Costa Rica SGD55 ScJ1
March 1863
SG1 Sc1
1921 SG115 Sc103
Centenary of coffee cultivation
1926 SG164 Sc-C1
1922 SG130 Sc-B1
Red Cross
1883 SG-O35 Sc-O1
Post Due
1903 SG-D55 Sc-J1

Costa Rica SG Sc184
1939 SG Sc184
Purple Guaria Orchid

Central America’s Costa Rica is another orderly entry with timely, inexpensive stamps. The exact date of the first issue is not known. Costa Rica did produce one of the most elegant stamp issues of all time, the 1938 Orchid (their national flower) and, although outside the scope of this display, it is a pleasure to show it.

Netherlands Indies

Netherlands Indies SG1 Sc1   Netherlands Indies SG303 ScC1 Netherlands Indies SG243 Sc-B1 Netherlands Indies SG-O186 Sc-O1
1st April 1864
SG1 Sc1
1922 SG285 Sc102a
Industrial Fair
1928 SG303 Sc-C1
1915 SG243 Sc-B1
Red Cross
1911 SG-O186 Sc-O1
o/p 1902 SG142 Sc38

Netherlands Indies (or Dutch East Indies) first issue was on 1st April 1864. The first airmail is one of the best overprints of its kind. There were Japanese occupation issues in 1943. The early post dues are unaffordable.


Wenden SCL1
1863 Sc-L1

This was a town in the Russian province of Livonia governed by the Teutonic Knights and thus enjoying special privileges, including its own postal administration. Although listed by Scott, the stamp shown is generally regarded as an essay.

Occupation Issues and Offices Abroad

It has been noted in the previous entries that these are dealt with in detail in a separate display, but mentioned when relevant to individual countries, provinces and states. Both the first occupation issue (1864, Holstein, see page 2) and the first office abroad stamp (1863, Russia, General issue for the Turkish Empire, p8) were released in this period.


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