First Issues - 1861 to 1864

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Turkey: Turkish Republic

  Turkey SG1157 ScC1   Turkey SGO1360 ScO1  
1924 SG Sc625
Kemal Ataturk and the Sakayra Bridge
1934 SG1157 Sc-C1
1935 SG1171 Sc-B54
Suffragist Conference
1947 SG-O1360 Sc-O1
Post Due
1926 SG-D1035 Sc-J92

Turkey 1901 SG175 Sc102 Turkey SGM162 ScM1
World's First foreign mail stamp
1901 SG175 Sc102
World's First Military stamp
1898 SG-M162 Sc-M1

Turkey is responsible for two relatively minor postal innovations, a stamp for military forces serving abroad and the foreign mail stamp, specifically for mail going abroad (this first is rather debateable as many countries had issued stamps denominated for the cost of overseas mail, but not stating its purpose).
The military stamp, issued to Turkish troops occupying Thessaly in the Greco-Turkish War, also appears in the display of Occupation Stamps and Offices Abroad. Turkey features frequently in that display, but in most instances as the occupied rather than the occupying country.

Russia Turkish Empire SG2a Sc1
Russia, General issue for the Turkish Empire
World's First Office Abroad stamp
1863 SG2a Sc1

The first, and most impressive Offices Abroad stamp was Russia’s 1863 general issue. Russia was followed by Austria Hungary, Britain, France, Germany Italy and Rumania, while the Greek and Egyptian services did not use specific stamps and can only be distinguished by cancellation. These issues are shown in the Occupation display.


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