First Issues - 1861 to 1864

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong SG8a Sc8 Hong Kong SG133 Sc147 Hong Kong 1988 SG583 Sc-B1 Hong Kong SGD1 ScJ1
[8th December 1862]
1865 SG8a Sc8
1935 SG133 Sc147
Silver Jubilee
1988 SG583 Sc-B1
Community Chest of Hong Kong
Post Due
1923 SG-D1 Sc-J1

The first issue shown differs from the #1 only in the watermark. There was an expensive 1891 Jubilee commemorative overprint on the rose variant of the #1 stamp: I would settle for one of the frequent forgeries, which both Scott and Gibbons warn of. The next commemorative to be issued was the 1935 silver jubilee for George V as shown.

Hong Kong SG900 Sc793
1997 SG900 Sc793
Chinese administration

Control of Hong Kong reverted to China in 1997. The first issue under Chinese administration was released in a miniature sheet, shown on the reverse of the first page.

Further details in the China Display.


This is probably the most complex entry to date as there are Sultanate, revolutionary and Republic issues, together with a long list of occupation and Office Abroad stamps and a couple of philatelic firsts.

Turkey SG1 Sc1 Turkey SG256 Sc146 Turkey SG553b ScB1
13th January 1863
SG1 Sc1
1908 SG256 Sc146
Granting of the Constitution
1915 SG553b Sc-B1
War orphans

Four sultans ruled Turkey between 1861 to 1918 The first issue, commemorative and charity stamps are shown, but first post due is out of budget (also issued in 1863, the design is the same as the #1). There is a clearer image of the #1 in the centenary miniature sheet, again shown on the reverse of the page one.

    Turkey 1923 SG974 Sc605
Provisional Government Nationalist Government
(Turkey in Asia)
Turkish Republic
1920 SG-A1 Sc1 1923 SG973b Sc1 1923 SG974 Sc605

In 1919 Mustapha Kemal (later Kemal Ataturk) led a rebellion against Allied plans to give territory to France, Greece and Italy and established a provisional government in Ankara (Scott lists this separately as Turkey in Asia), which started with overprints. This led to the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923, with Nationalist overprints being used throughout Turkey before new issues became available. Thereafter a full range of stamps was issued, including the first commemorative featuring Kemal Ataturk.


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