First Issues - 1861 to 1864

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Antigua SG8 Sc4 Antigua SG81 Sc67 Antigua SG52 ScMR1
[1st August 1862]
1863 SG8 Sc4
1932 SG81 Sc67
Tercentenary of the colony
1916 SG52 Sc-MR1
War Tax

Another West Indian colony in the Leeward Islands group. On grounds of cost, the 1863 6d green is shown rather than the 1st August 1862 blue-green. Antigua used Leeward Island stamps from 1890 until 1903 and then a mixture of both until 1956.

Antigua SG199 Sc186 Antigua and Barbuda SG718 Sc633
1967 SG199 Sc186
Antigua independence
1981 SG718 Sc633
Antigua and Barbuda independence

Antigua became independent in 1967. Barbuda (first issue 1922) is a dependency of Antigua and both joint and individual stamps have been issued since 1981.


Nicaragua’s first issues are remarkably inexpensive, but nevertheless elusive: when writing this page in July 2013, I only have the first issue and the first post due. The charity issue (postal tax in Scott) is a surcharge on an official overprint and was to fund the rebuilding of the General Post Office, which burned down in 1921.

Nicaragua SG4 Sc1 Nicaragua SG47 Sc40 Nicaragua SG614 ScC1 Nicaragua 1921 SG590 Sc-RA1 Nicaragua SGO37 ScO1 Nicaragua SGD99 ScJ1
2nd December 1862
SG4 Sc1
1892 SG47 Sc40
400th Anniversary of Columbus' voyage
1929 SG614 Sc-C1
1921 SG590 Sc-RA1
Obligatory Tax
1890 SG-O37 Sc-O1
Post Due
1896 SG-D99 Sc-J1

Nicaragua celebrated the centenary of its first issue with a stylish miniature sheet, which includes early postmarks, shown on the reverse of page 1.

Nicaragua SG631 ScC4 Zelaya SGZ1
First real airmail
1929 SG631 Sc-C4
1904 SG-Z1 Sc1L109

There is only one Nicaraguan province issue, Zelaya in 1904. Gibbons differentiates between issues for Bluefields and Cabo districts and general issues. The first of the general issues is shown.


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