First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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Malta SG-D11 Sc-J11 Malta SG301 Sc281 Malta SG536 Sc488
Post Due
1925 SG-D11 Sc-J11
Centenary commemorative
1960 SG301 Sc281
First stamp of the Republic
1975 SG536 Sc488

The first post due is an interesting but inexpensive typeset and the first typographed issue is also attractive.
Malta became a republic in 1975.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia SG1 Sc1 St. Lucia SG63 Sc49 St. Lucia SG240 Sc-C1 St. Lucia SG90 Sc-MR2 St. Lucia SG Sc-O1 St. Lucia 1930 SG-D1 Sc-J1
18th December 1860
SG1 Sc1
1902 SG63 Sc49
Fourth centenary of the discovery of the island by Columbus
1967 SG240 Sc-C1
1916 SG90 Sc-MR2
War Tax
1983 SG Sc-O1
Post Due
1930 SG-D1 Sc-J1

A strong set of colonial stamps. The difference between the SG89 and SG90 charity stamps is that one has the words over two lines, the other on one line: the latter catalogues at 10% of the former’s price. The first airmail was issued on the first day of independence in 1967, together with a set of definitive overprints. The first post due is a typeset label.


Liberia SG7 Sc1 Liberia SG466 Sc209 Liberia SG530 Sc-C3a Liberia SG-O87 Sc-O1 Liberia SG-D99 Sc-J1
late 1860
SG7 Sc1
1923 SG466 Sc209
First settlers landing at Cape Mesurado
1936 SG530 Sc-C3a
1892 SG-O87 Sc-O1
Post Due
1892 SG-D99 Sc-J1
o/p Sc26

Liberia SG290 Sc-B1 Liberia SG349 Sc-B3
1915 SG290 Sc-B1
o/p Sc127
1918 SG349 Sc-B3 

War Tax

Libera rounds off this display and, as with Russia in the 1855-57 pages, provides the highlight with a varied and attractive range of stamps. The date of Liberia’s first issue is uncertain: Mackay states ‘late 1860’. The first three airmails issued (all 1936) are pricey overprints and so the first real airmail is shown. On charity, Scott starts in 1915 with SG290 Sc-B1, Mackay and Gibbons in 1918 with SG349 Sc-B3.



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