First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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Poland SG1171 Sc909 Poland SG121 Sc133 Poland SG252 Sc-C1 Poland 1919 SG116 Sc-B1 Poland SG-O128 Sc-O1  
[1st January 1860]
1960 SG1171 Sc909
1919 SG121 Sc133
First National Assembly
1925 SG252 Sc-C1
LVG Schneider biplane
1919 SG116 Sc-B1
First Polish Philatelic Exhibition
and Polish White Cross Fund
1920 SG-O128 Sc-O1
Post Due
1919 SG-D Sc-J13

Poland SG1007-8 Sc767-8
World's First
Composite design

1957 SG1007-8 Sc767-8

A lively set of stamps for Poland, starting on 1st January 1860 with a rather expensive first issue illustrated by a 1960 commemorative. At the time of its first issue, Poland was a Russian province and the stamp shows the Russian coat of arms. From 1865, Poland used Russian stamps until occupied by Germany and Austria in WW1 (see the Occupation display). Thereafter, there were several local and regional issues (which include some of the firsts above) until the first new national stamp in 1920. Mackay credits Poland with the first composite design, spread over two stamps.


This contribution to the philatelic oeuvre, which began on 23rd November 1860, cannot be described as exciting. Jamaica became independent in 1963.

Jamaica SG1 Sc1 Jamaica SG114 Sc109 Jamaica SG104 Sc-B1 Jamaica SG-O3 Sc-O1 Jamaica SG205 Sc185
23rd November 1860 

SG1 Sc1
1935 SG114 Sc109
Silver Jubilee
1923 SG104 Sc-B1
Child Welfare
1890 SG-O3 Sc-O1
First issue after independence
1962 SG205 Sc185


The 1st December 1860 ½d buff first issue is costly and thus replaced by the similar 1882 SG18/Sc2 ½d orange-yellow FSP and the centenary commemorative.

Malta SG2 Sc18 Malta SG106 Sc77 Malta SG173 Sc-C1 Malta SG92 Sc-MR1 Malta SG-D1 Sc-J1
[1st December 1860]
1882 SG2 Sc18
1922 SG106 Sc77
overprinted 'Self Government'
1928 SG173 Sc-C1
1918 SG92 Sc-MR1
War Tax
Post Due
1925 SG-D1 Sc-J1


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