First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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Colombia (cont.)

Colombia SG120 Sc129 Colombia SG345 Sc331 Colombia SG998 Sc-C347 Colombia SG998 Sc-C347 Colombia SG477 Sc-RA1
Republic of Colombia
SG120 Sc129
1910 SG345 Sc331
Centenary of Independence
Airmail [1919]
1959 SG998 Sc-C347
1935 SG477 Sc-RA1
Red Cross
1937 SG-O496 Sc-O1

The first airmail is a remarkably pricey (£2k5/£1k5) 1919 overprint for the first experimental flight, commemorated in 1959. Thereafter, airmail services were outsourced to various private companies until 1932. On charities, Scott makes the usual distinction between Sc-RA (postal tax) and Sc-B charity issues.

Colombia SG-AR169 Sc-H1 Colombia SG58 Sc59
World's First
Acknowledgement of Receipt stamp
1893 SG-AR169 Sc-H1
World's First
scalene triangle stamp

1869 SG58 Sc59

Colombia invented the Acknowledgement of Receipt stamp. Mackay's Guinness explores stamp shapes at length and notes (p.112) that Colombia produced the smallest triangular stamp in 1865 (SG32, Sc36, not shown), the first (possibly the only) scalene triangle in 1869 and the first upright oval, a 1881 Registration stamp, SG-R105, SC-F7 (not shown).

There were numerous issues from Colombian states: Antioquia (1868), Bolivar (1863), Boyacá (1899), Cauca (1902), Cundinamarca (1870), Magdalena (described by Gibbons as unofficial, regarded by Scott as receipt labels rather than stamps), Panama (1878, listed by Scott under Panama), Santander (1884) and Tolima (1870). These will be shown in later displays.

Sierra Leone

The first issue was on 21st September 1859. The first sensibly-priced (FSP) stamp is shown: although thirty-six years later, the design had not changed. Sierra Leone became independent in 1963.

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
[21st September 1859]
1896 SG37 Sc421
1933 SG168 Sc153
Centenary of the abolition of slavery and of the death of William Wilberforce
1963 SG263 Sc-C1
7d on 1½d blue
surch. SG212 Sc197
First issue after independence
1963 SG223 Sc208


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