First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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New Caledonia

New Caledonia SG793 Sc-C210 New Caledonia SG63 Sc66 New Caledonia SG217 Sc-C1 New Caledonia SG107 Sc-B1 New Caledonia SG-O344 Sc-O1 New Caledonia SG-D78 Sc-J1
[4th August 1859]
1986 SG793 Sc-C210
1903 SG63 Sc66
50 years of French occupation
1938 SG217 Sc-C1
1915 SG107 Sc-B1
Red Cross o/p
1958 SG-O344 Sc-O1
Post Due
1903 SG-D78 Sc-J1

New Caledonia New Caledonia
Peace and Commerce
1892 SG31 Sc40
first real post due
1958 SG-D102 Sc-J9

This is the second French colony to except itself from the general issues, and also illustrates the keyplate issues mentioned above. The first issue, 4th August 1859, a locally engraved portrait of Napoleon III, is costly and so shown in a 1960 commemorative, part of an elegant 1960 miniature sheet shown on the back of the first page. The first airmail recognised by Scott is this 1938 issue, although there was a remarkably attractive, regrettably unaffordable 1932 overprint (SG183/Sc180) marking a flight from Noumea to Paris. The pretty first real post due is also shown.


A modest British colonial issue with the first on 10th June 1859. Mackay lists a 1935 airmail but neither Gibbons nor Scott do so.

Bahamas SG2 Sc1 Bahamas SG106 Sc65 Bahamas SG663 Sc-C1 Bahamas SG80 Sc-B1
10th June 1859
SG2 Sc1
1920 SG106 Sc65
Peace Celebration
1983 SG663 Sc-C1
1917 SG80 Sc-B1
Red Cross


As seen above with Argentina, the geopolitical history of many of the South American countries emerging from the control of Spain in the nineteenth century affects their early stamp issues. The Spanish Viceroyalty of Granada covered what is now Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. An uprising in 1810 overthrew Spanish control and the Republic of Colombia, covering the same area, was established in 1819.

Colombia SG989 Sc709
Grenadine Confederation
Colombia commemorative
1959 SG989 Sc709

When Ecuador and Venezuela left the Republic in 1830, the remainder became the Republic of New Granada and in 1858 the Grenadine Confederation which issued stamps in 1859. In the same year an anti-clerical movement ousted the Catholic government and established the United States of New Granada and then the United States of Colombia, these entities issuing stamps in 1861 and 1862 respectively. The first Republic of Colombia stamps were issued in 1886.


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