First Issues - 1858 to 1860

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Argentina Republic SG Sc5
Argentina Republic
1862 SG Sc5

Argentina (cont.)

The 1858 general issue was for the Argentine Confederation: gradual unification, including the rejoining of Buenos Aires, led to the Republic in 1862.

Argentina SGRM688 Sc470
World's First
Recorded message stamp

1939 SG-RM688 Sc470

Argentina invented the Recorded Message stamp in 1939 (a set of three), used for posting messages on discs.

Wood (vol.1 p.41) notes Argentina’s habit of issuing stamps in support of territorial acquisition, including a 1936 map depiction which included the Falklands and again in 1951 showing both the Falklands and a slice of Antarctica: this will be explored in the online version of this page.

Moldavia (Rumania)

Stamps for the principality of Moldavia (then under Turkish suzerainty) were issued in July 1858 (it was using the Julian calendar). Later that year, both Moldavia and the principality of Walachia were given independence but both elected the same leader (Colonel Alexandru Cuza), leading to their union in 1861 as the Principality of Rumania. Stamps were issued for Moldavia (1858), the combined principalities (1862) and for Rumania (1865). Cuza, by then a prince, is shown on the 1865 stamp.

ROmania SG464 Sc158 Rumania SG1099 Sc-C1 Rumania SG528 Sc-B1 Rumania SG-O1115 Sc-O1 Rumania SG-D152 Sc-J1
1903 SG464 Sc158
Opening of new Post Office
1928 SG1099 Sc-C1
1906 SG528 Sc-B1
Welfare Fund
1929 SG-O1115 Sc-O1
Post Due
1881 SG-D152 Sc-J1

[15th July 1858]
1932 SG? Sc?

Rumania SG36 Sc20 RUmania SG47 Sc25
1864 SG36 Sc20
1865 SG47 Sc25

Rumania issued a strong, though rather monochromatic, first set of stamps, including a striking first airmail. Its first issue, the 15th July 1858 Bull sells for £11k and £4k mint and used and is shown in a 1932 commemorative, also brown. This 74th anniversary celebration is a notably early FI commemorative, Portugal's 1934 being the previous earliest shown. For the web version of this page there will also be the Twinings tea card for Moldavia #1.
The first Moldavia-Walachia stamps are pricey, but the same design was used throughout and a later, repaired 1864 issue is shown. Similarly, the cheapest of the first Rumania set is shown.

Twinings Moldavia
Twinnings tea card
First set, card 26

Twinings to the rescue again.


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