First Issues - 1855 to 1857

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Peru SG8 Sc3 Peru SG349 Sc154 Peru SG463 Sc-C1 Peru SG881 Sc-CB1 Peru SG-O287 Sc-O2 Peru SG-D31 Sc-J1
[1st December 1857]
1858 SG8 Sc3
1897 SG349 Sc154
Opening of new postal buildings
1927 SG463 Sc-C1
1964 SG881 Sc-CB1
Chavin excavation fund
1890 SG-O287 Sc-O2
Post Due
1874 SG-D31 Sc-J1

Centenary commemorative
1957 SG803 Sc-C132

Another prohibitively-priced 1st December 1857 first issue, over $1k both mint and used, but faithfully commemorated in a 1957 airmail. The 1858 FSP SG8 Sc3 is shown. In the 1931 first real airmail, there is a small image of an aircraft and a large portrait of President August Bernardino and so that is omitted in protest. The 1964 charity stamp shows an artefact from the Chavin culture and the surtax was for the Chavin archaeological excavation fund.


Russia SG2 Sc2 Russia SG126 Sc88 Russia SG284 Sc-C1 Russia SG81 Sc-B1 Russia SG-D407b Sc-J1
[10th December 1857]
SG2 Sc2
1913 SG126 Sc88
Peter I
Tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty
1922 SG284 Sc-C1
1905 SG81 Sc-B1
War Orphans Fund
(Russo-Japanese War)
Post Due
1924 SG-D407b Sc-J1

Russia SG417 Sc-C6 Russia SG-D464 Sc-J11
first real airmail
1924 SG417 Sc-C6
first real post due
1925 SG-D464 Sc-J11

Russia provides the highlight of this display and also initiated the express stamp digression. There is disagreement over the date of the first issue: Gibbons notes that until 1918 Russia used the Julian calendar and so was twelve days behind the Gregorian throughout the nineteenth century. Whatever the cause, Scott dates the first issue as 10th December 1857 and Gibbons as 1st January 1858. The #1 was issued imperforate, followed by a significantly cheaper perforated version of the same stamp a few weeks later: I have, of course opted for that SG2/Sc2.
Both the first real airmail and the first real post due are shown. Russia has not issued an official stamp.


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