First Issues - 1855 to 1857

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Uruguay SG15 Sc13 Uruguay SG177 Sc130 Uruguay SG377 Sc-C Uruguay SG655 Sc-B1 Uruguay SG-O48 Sc-O1 Uruguay D975 Sc-J1
[1st October 1856]
1859 SG15 Sc13
1896 SG177 Sc130
Unveiling of statue of Pres. Joaquin Suarez
1921 SG377 Sc-C1
1930 SG655 Sc-B1
Poor old people
1880 SG-O48 Sc-O1
Post Due
1902 SG-D975 Sc-J1

Uruguay SG1057 Sc-C175 Uruguay SG436 Sc-C4
1956 SG1057 Sc-C175
First real airmail
1924 SG436 Sc-C4

Uruguay has a splendid set of firsts. The 1st October 1856 #1 is rather expensive, but similar designs were used for nine years and so it is represented by the 1859 FSP. It also features in miniature on a 1956 airmail commemorative and on the 1971 miniature sheet shown overleaf. Both the first and the first real airmails are worth seeing.

A second miniature sheet has been added, showing Uruguay's first stamp, first airmail, but also several UK stamps. There are stranger miniature sheets (including a very messy Belgian item), but this is a remarkably eclectic example and can only have been designed by committee.


Ceylon SG2 Sc1 Ceylon SG379 Sc-CD301 Ceylon SG438 Sc-B1 Ceylon SG-O1 Sc-O8
[1st April 1857]
SG2 Sc1
1935 SG379 Sc-CD301
Silver Jubilee
1956 SG438 Sc-B1
Buddha 2,500th anniv. and Jayanto Fund
1895 SG-O1 Sc-O8

Ceylon SG444 Sc336 Ceylon SG406 Sc300 Ceylon SG591 Sc470
First issue commemorative
1957 SG444 Sc336
First issue after independence
1949 SG406 Sc300
Sri Lanka
1972 SG591 Sc470
Inauguration of the Republic of Sri Lanka

Gibbons and Scott reverse their first and second issues: the inexpensive 24th August 1857 1d blue is shown rather than the £7.5k/£450 1st April 1857 6d purple-brown. The latter stamp was commemorated in 1957.

Ceylon achieved independence in 1949 and in 1972 became Sri Lanka.


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