First Issues - 1855 to 1857

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Finland SG2 Sc2 Finland SG255 Sc141 Finland SG397 Sc-C2 Finland SG230 Sc-B1
[1st March 1856]
SG2 Sc2
1927 SG255 Sc141
10th anniversary of independence
1944 SG397 Sc-C2
1922 SG230 Sc-B1
Red Cross Society of Finland

Finland SG560 Sc341
Centenary commemorative
1956 SG560 Sc341

Finland’s first, issued on 1st March 1856, the 5 kopek blue, sells for £5k/£1.5k and so the SG2/Sc2 10k rose, issued on the same date, is shown, this example cut round. I have expressed my view elsewhere on stamps cut to shape in the context of the GB embossed issues that sell for a small fraction of the price when cut square: Scott lists the cut round Finland #1 and #2 at around 10% of the cut square. Why collectors will pay so much more for the presence of so much blank paper is another of those philatelic mysteries. The first issue was celebrated in a bold 1956 commemorative. The 1930 first airmail overprint, as with anything to do with zeppelins, is overpriced and so I have settled for the 1944 first real issue. There is a striking 1944 charity stamp depicting a speeding ambulance that has joined the express stamp offshoot collection. No post due or official has been issued, but Finland did invent the bus parcel stamp in 1949.


Mexico SG1 Sc1 Mexico 1910 SG282 Sc310 Mexico 1928 SG454 Sc-C3 Mexico 1919 SG413 Sc-B1 Mexico 1884 SG-O156 Sc-O1 Mexico 1908 SG-D282 Sc-J1
1st August 1856
SG1 Sc1
1910 SG282 Sc310
Josefa Ortiz
Centenary of independence
1928 SG454 Sc-C3
1919 SG413 Sc-B1
SG397 SC622 surch.
1884 SG-O156 Sc-O1
Post Due
1908 SG-D282 Sc-J1

Mexico SG37 Sc27
1866 SG37 Sc27

Mexico’s first stamp was issued on 1st August 1856. Its 1922 first airmail (SG417, Sc-C1) is rather expensive and so is represented by a 1928 issue to the same design.
France invaded Mexico in 1864 and Napoleon III installed Emperor Maximilian. Two ranges of stamps were produced during his brief sojourn, the Eagles in 1864 and the Maximilians in 1866. One of the latter is shown: perhaps the relevant equivalent of photogenic is philagenic, which Maximilian was clearly not. Mexico has two entries in the Express Digression.


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