First Issues - 1855 to 1857

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New Zealand

NZ SG110 Sc31 NZ SG275b Sc101 NZ SG548 Sc-C1 NZ SG544 Sc-B1 NZ SG-O59 Sc-O23 NZ SG-D9 Sc-J1
[18th July 1855]
1864 SG110 Sc31
1900 SG275b Sc101
To honour the NZ forces in the South African War
1931 SG548 Sc-C1
Plane over Lake Manapoori
1929 SG544 Sc-B1
Anti-Tuberculosis Fund
1907 SG-O59 Sc-O23
Post Due
1899 SG-D9 Sc-J1

NZ SG1210
1980 SG1210

New Zealand’s 18th July 1855 #1 is a remarkably expensive £32k/£9.5k mint and used, but fortunately the design was retained until 1873 and so the 1864 stamp shown is an acceptable substitute. It was commemorated in 1980. The first Official is a £500 1892 handstamp and so the 1907 FSP is shown. It has a 1939 entry in the acclaimed Express series and also made an occupation issue for Samoa during the First World War.

Danish West Indies

Danish West Indies SG1 Sc1 Danish West Indies SG-D43 Sc-J1
1st April 1856
SG1 Sc1
Post Due
1902 SG-D43 Sc-J1

The first and only issue from a Danish colony, though see the Faroe Islands in 1919 and the Schleswig plebiscite in 1920. DWI managed a first issue in November 1855 and a post due, before being sold to the US in 1917, whereafter they became the U.S. Virgin Islands (as distinct from the British Virgin Islands, first issue 1866) and used U.S. stamps and currency.

St. Helena

St. Helena SG1 Sc1 St. Helena SG114 Sc10 St. Helena SG87 Sc-MR1 St. Helena SG166 Sc153
1st January 1856
SG1 Sc1
1934 SG114 Sc101
Centenary of British colonisation
1916 SG87 Sc-MR1
War Tax surcharge on SG73
Centenary cmmemorative
1956 SG166 Sc153

St. Helena is a small island in the South Atlantic, now part of the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Its first stamp was issued on 1st January 1856 and commemorated in 1956. It has not issued an airmail, official or post due stamp. Its first charity issue was a 1916 War Tax surcharge; Scott does not regard war tax issues as charity stamps and so starts in 1961.


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