First Issues - 1852 to 1854

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The Philippines rounds off this display and provides good examples of some of the nuances of first issue collecting. Originally under Spanish Dominion, the 1st February 1854 first stamp is expensive (£1,200 mint, £180 used) and the used examples are often obliterated by heavy cancellations and so a 1954 commemorative provides a welcome replacement. Thereafter, there are numerous events providing stamps showing changes of administration, first encountered on a lesser scale with British Guiana and Hawaii:

Philippines 1954 SG760 Sc605 Philippines 1898 SG237 Sc-Y2 Philippines SG252 Sc213   Philippines SGJ1 ScN1 Philippines 1944 SG572 Sc464 Philippines SG625Sc500
[1st February 1854]
1954 SG760 Sc605
first issue commemorative
1898 SG237 Sc-Y2
Revolutionary Issue
1899 SG252 Sc213
US administration
1935 SG483 Sc397
1942 SG-J1 Sc-N1
Japanese occupation
1944 SG572 Sc464
Commonwealth restored
1948 SG625 Sc500

The US administration and Commonwealth restored stamps shown are the first inexpensive items in those sets.

Philippines 1926 SG384 Sc319 Philippines SG368 ScC1 Philippines SG671 ScB1   Philippines SGD268 ScJ1
1926 SG384 Sc319
Legislative Palace
1926 SG368 Sc-C1
1949 SG671 Sc-B1
Library Rebuilding Fund
1926 SG-O391 Sc-O1
Post Due
1899 SG-D268 Sc-J1

The remaining stamps are largely unremarkable, other than the size of the first charity stamp, and it is worth noting that there was a 1942 Charity issue under Japanese occupation that will be shown with the forthcoming display of occupation issues.


page written May 2013