First Issues - 1852 to 1854

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Italian States

Roman States SG1 Sc1 MOdena SG1 Sc1 Parma SG1 Sc1
Roman States Modena Parma
1st January 1852
SG1 Sc1
[1st June 1852]
SG1 Sc1
1st June 1852
SG1 Sc1

Italy SG815 Sc602
Italy commemorative
1952 SG815 Sc602

Roman (Papal) states issued in January 1852, followed by Modena and Parma in June. The Papal States first was printed in six paper variants which Gibbons lists as SG1-6 and Scott as Sc1-1e.

Modena’s June issue was the 10 centesimi black on rose, SG2, Sc3, the 5c SG1 Sc1 not being released until September. These raised the total of Italian states to six. Modena and Parma’s first issues were jointly commemorated in a 1959 Italian stamp.


The first (by some distance) of the French colonies to issue their own stamps, Reunion can be considered an antithesis of the organised and orderly Dutch as it manifests in rarity, high prices and overprints, but undeniably, through to the 1940s, some beautiful stamps amongst the chaos.

Reunion SG7 Sc7 Reunion SG130 Sc122 Reunion SG181 Sc-C2 Reunion SG90 Sc-B3 Reunion SG-D11 Sc-J1
[16th January 1852]
SG7 Sc7
1931 SG130 Sc122
Colonial Exhibition
Airmail {1937]
1938 SG181 Sc-C2
Charity [1915]
1916 SG90 Sc-B3
Post Due
1889 SG-D11 Sc-J1

The first two, locally produced, 1852 Reuinions are expensive, both £25k / £16k for mint and used and do not seem to have been commemorated [see note]. From 1885, surcharged French colonies general issues were used and the stamp shown is the first sensibly-priced stamp from that year. The first airmail, an overprint, sells for £200: the first real airmail is shown. The first three charity stamps were different coloured overprints of the same stamp and the least expensive is shown.

Twinnings Rare Stamps Reunion
Twinnings Tea Rare Stamps card
Series 2, card 11,
Reunion #1.

The rules suggest that only stamps owned can be shown, though exceptions have been made for Denmark and Mecklenburg-Schwerin. That said, an image of Reunion #1 would be welcome and so a way round this has been found. In the 1960s, Twinings Tea issued a set of Rare Stamps cards with their product and this stamp featured on card 11 of the second series.


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